Worship South Africa taking to streets in new phase of God’s plans

Christelle Combrink (Artist Stella) during a live worship slot on Worship South Africa this week (PHOTO: Facebook video screenshot)
UPDATE: See newly-released video at bottom of page!

A call on nation to bring hope through acts of kindness, worship

By Julita Kok, Worship South Africa

Since the Lord spoke to Christelle Combrink (Artist Stella and also part of the duo DuisLig) in March 2020, right at the beginning of lockdown, on His plans for Worship South Africa, we have seen a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit across our nation.

We have seen more than 500 worship leaders and artists unite to bring 24/7 worship to the nation. We have seen during these troubled times how lives were impacted by the worship and we received countless testimonies on what happened in homes all across our nation.

A wonderful message of love and hope was brought to our nation as these artists gave their time and talents on the Worship South Africa platform.

Phase 2 was a time of slowly getting back to “normal” and worship happened every three hours. Worshippers and artists slowly got back to their routines during stage 3 of Lockdown and it was not so easy to keep up the 24/7 worship. But now once again, things have changed.

Now it is time for putting our money where our mouths are and put our “Feet on the Street” with phase 3. Now is the time to truly come alive and be the hands and feet of Jesus to a desperate people out there.

Now is the time to rise as one body, under the banner of Jesus Christ, and bring healing to this nation. We as Worship South Africa feel the call of the Lord to encourage and motivate all to head into the streets and highways, hospitals, old age homes and any other place the good Lord leads, to make a difference in lives and bring hope to the hopeless.

Individuals and groups will be going into the streets not only singing and dancing, but some will also bring food parcels and relief in different ways with small acts of kindness. All groups will adhere to the Covid-19 rules and regulations and get the necessary permissions as needed to enter different premises.

On Saturday August 1 2020 at 8am, a video will be launched on all social media platforms with a call to our nation to rise up as a people and perform acts of kindness as well as praise and worship through music and dance to others who desperately need some love and hope. This video will also be launched on our Worship South Africa Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WorshipSouthAfrica/

We trust people to make a huge impact in our nation and truly spread some love and the Gospel of good news.



  1. How wonderful ! How exciting. a beautiful vision that must thrill the Fathers heart.
    in 2010 He gave me a word in the form of a prayer. (2010)
    Will you dare to Dream……to see what God would see.
    Father God I see a land of beauty. There is joy, there is laughter and there is fun. Father I see a land of people who love you and call out your name. From the youngest to the oldest they revere your Holy Name. They are dancing in the street, singing songs of praise and worship. They are dressed in white and gold and there is laughter in their eyes. Hope and peace and love are radiant from within. These people they know Jesus and are marching on for Him. This is my own home, this is my home town. O my God I would dare to dream and see with the eyes of God. A land of milk and honey……the promise of my King. Amen
    May the streets be filled with God’s people as they minister for Him.

  2. Minister to the blind .lame.sick Two by two Do it out of love.faith.hope.Do not be proud.but be humble.It’s the holy spirit work in us and through us .for the benefit to save sin full soul for heavenly kingdom.How great is your reward in heaven.When LORD JESUS returns for us all.