You only have one life – Make it count!

Defending family, faith and freedom

As we approach the Easter weekend I am reminded of the preciousness of the faith of Jesus Christ.

In spite of increasing attacks against Biblical Christianity, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has done more to civilise, prosper and advance mankind than any other philosophy in human history.

There is no equal to the profound message that God sent His Son to the earth to not only identify with our struggles but to voluntarily give His life as substitutionary sacrifice for our sins.

The Easter Weekend is a reminder of the awesome love of God in that He used the most precious substance known to mankind – the blood of Jesus – to purchase your and my redemption.

The world has gone into overdrive trying to disprove the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However, the more they attempt to disprove this historical fact, the more evidence emerges that Jesus is indeed the Saviour of the world. Every transformed life in Christ bears testimony to Him!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has sanctified life. Prior to the spread of the Gospel, human life was cheap and infanticide a common practise. Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross gave human life infinite value and dignity. The sinless Son of God gave His life to ensure we have abundant life.

That is why Christians all over the world are leading the fight to restore the dignity of human life.

The Biblical Christian Worldview has entrenched the sanctity of life, the primacy of the God-given institutions of marriage and the family and the freedom to obey and worship God.

Christians are Christ’s foot soldiers. You and I are called by God to work diligently to reform society by upholding Biblical Truth and advancing the kingdom of God in every area of life.

Christians must live, articulate and defend the Biblical Christian Worldview of life. It is the only worldview capable of building and sustaining a just, free, stable, and prosperous society.

Biblical Christianity is not about defending a way of life or preserving tradition. It is the selfless service to God to improve and transform society so that the name of Jesus is glorified.

As the Biblical Christian Worldview is diminished in society by the silence and apathy of Christians, secular humanism and the “human rights” culture that legitimises evil behaviour is gaining ground. Murdering the unborn, sexual perversion and human slavery have all become socially acceptable.

The media reports the dumping of new-born babies in bins is a growing phenomenon. When sexual immorality is glamorised and legitimised the consequences are often horrific.

Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross and His Resurrection from the dead gave every Christian the power and authority to overcome evil in society. The Cross and the Resurrection not only guarantees eternal life with Christ, it also equips every believer with the spiritual tools to transform society.

Easter is not just another religious observation. It is the realisation that we serve a living and powerful God. Jesus came to give us abundant life. You and I must make our lives count for Him.


  1. Well said Errol. Oh Lord set my heart afire for you and let that fire spread.

  2. Yes, well said. But the dumping of babies is a far more complex problem than just sexual immorality. Let’s be careful not to be too simplistic and ‘righteous’.