Youth group calls on Christians to wake up, unite against Lady Gaga tour plans

Filipino Christian youths protesting against Lady Gaga’s concerts in Manila in May. (Photo: AP Photo/Bullit Marquez). Concerned Young People of South Africa are calling on South African Christians to take a stand against Gaga’s planned concerts in SA on November 30 and December 3.
 Online petition campaign launched

A grassroots youth movement, Concerned Young People of South Africa (CYPSA) has launched a petition campaign opposing the planned Lady Gaga concert tour in November and December.

The main aim of the petition is to make the Film and Publications Control Board of SA aware of Gaga’s planned visit and to wake up Christians, to unite them against evil, and form community pressure groups against Gaga’s SA plans, says CYPSA spokesperson Elfrieda Fleischmann.

CYPSA members protesting against pornography.

Gaga is “a pornographic cult figure fuelling the flame of perversity enhancing the further spreading of HIV/AIDS in SA,” say CYPSA in the preamble to its online petition which is addressed to the FPB.

In addition to the online petition that was launched this week, CYPSA is working on a hand-signed petition which is necessary because “most of our members throughout the country are at grassroots levels, in rural areas”, says Fleischmann.

She says CYPSA is committed to moral regeneration in South Africa and reaches out to all communities with a view to uniting the whole community of SA against prostitution, human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, pornography, satanism, crime and corruption.

“We help victims, troubled children, drug addicts and street kids. We get to know the grassroots of the community and their troubles. This knowledge enables us to inform Provincial and National Government about the concerns and needs within the community.”

During the approach of 2010 Soccer World Cup in SA, CYPSA members visited thousands of schools, numerous radio stations, prisons and religious gatherings all over SA to warn young people about the danger of human trafficking.

She says CYPSA is currently helping more than 50 addicts to get free from drugs, providing them with free food, shelter and help.

Recently CYPSA members participated in a radio debate with the FPB, says Fleischmann.

“Apparently it seems if they (the FPB) were unaware about Lady Gaga’s proposed visit to SA.  They were also not aware of what she does during her shows!?  In fact she herself is pornography.”

Pharmacology of pornography addiction
Fleischmann, who is a pharmacist and educator, says she has done research on the pharmacology of pornography addiction. She says frequent porn consumption results in chemical changes in the brain. It creates a demand for prostitution which fuels human trafficking.

“As SA is struggling to combat low morals and HIV/AIDS, Lady Gaga wants to visit SA…

“We, as the youth of SA can surely not understand how any government can allow her entrance? This concerns and hurts us deeply. Where are the fathers of our nation that defend us, the youth of our nation? Where are the mothers that should teach values to us? Where are they…?

“We as the Concerned Young People of South Africa invite therefore young and old to sign our petition against the Lady Gaga. Visit for the online petition. Please also circulate this online-petition amongst your friends and family. Let us unite and take a stand against what is evil and hurting the youth of SA. Let us do everything in our power to put a stop to Lady Gaga. Please don’t let us down,” she says.

Gateway News has asked the FPB to comment on the petition. We are currently awaiting their response.

Gaga who has a huge youth following typically includes satanic symbolism and crude sexual imagery and lyrics in her performances. She plans to bring her Born This Way Ball tour to SA with shows in Johannesburg on November 30 and in Cape Town on December 3. Earlier this year the tour was met with opposition by religious groups in South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines.  She had to cancel a sold-out-show in Indonesia in May because of threats of violence from an Islamic group objecting to her vulgarity.


  1. Yes!! It is high time that Christians are bold enough to stop evil influences like this so-called ‘idol’. If the Muslims could stop her in Indonesia, we can do the same in SA!

    • you will NEVER stop her. and why why WHY are you worrying about gaga, we live in s.a there are a lot more things to focus on. rape crime, she stands up for what is right.

  2. Seriously….You ‘re pathetic.There are far more pressing issues that need attention than Lady Gaga.
    Im off to worship Satan now while listening to Gaga…

    • That is a very selfish comment, pls keep it to yourself. leave those who understand its impact to deal with it accordingly. This is the most pressing issue as its impacts negatively on our youth.

      • leave GAGA alone. this is really pathetic. gaga will play in s.a focus on other things,you are selfish!!!!!!!

  3. Agree with Winston…and how exactly is one Concert going to lead to an outbreak of porn, prostitutution and Aid propagation? I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga, I think her music is tacky and soul less; but lets face fact, the entertainment industry strives because sex sells. Rappers’ lyrics are degrading to women, but nobody has a problem when Jay Z comes to SA, most female pop artists dress and dance suggestively in the performances. Why single her out when there are similar theories about other “more acceptable” musicians? The work you do is important and I am proud to be part of a generation of “doing” youths, there is so much more we can do for the betterment of society other than denying this woman to earn her living.

  4. Please stop her dead in her tracks, from coming to South Africa

  5. thank u cypsa for your stand . keep speaking out . above all lets pray more and encourage christian youth to be the light and salt of this earth.

  6. let’s not write something we haven’t thought about. lady Gaga has a very negative effect on the youth. and the others mentioned above. I’m sure they’re going to be stopped when the time is right