90 days of prayer for world revival launching in PE on August 1

Blessing Marunga at the crosses at Fountain Vineyard Christian Fellwoship, Port Elizabeth, where believers will unite in prayer for revival for an hour every day from August 1 to October 31

From August 1 to October 31 Christians in Port Elizabeth are invited to come together at the crosses at Fountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Walmer Heights from 5pm to 6pm on Sunday to Friday and from 3pm to 4pm on Saturday to pray for the great revival that many believe is on God’s heart for this season.

And believers everywhere who cannot meet at the PE venue are invited to join the “Revival Is Coming” campaign by spending 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour daily in prayer, wherever in the world they are, calling on our Heavenly Father to intervene and demonstrate His power over the earth.

Blessing Marunga, a Zimbabwean-born Christian education pioneer and member at Fountain Vineyard, shared with Gateway News this week how God laid the vision for the prayer campaign on his heart.

“At Fountain Vineyard we are doing a series on prayer and one Sunday I just went home and the Spirit led me to read a book by EM Bounds [lawyer, army chaplain, pastor and prolific writer — 1835-1913] and while reading, what got my attention was revival — revival in Scotland [in 18th Century] — and I believe God spoke to me, saying: “It IS time for revival.”

“Then I started to study the different men of God in the Bible — Moses, Abraham, Hezekiah, Nehemiah — how they cried out to God in their different circumstances and situations and how God intervened for them. So, what got my attention the most is that revival happens after a season of prayer; so we need to have a vision and we need to be intentional for the revival.”

He said: ” For many years people have been expecting a revival to start in PE. We have had many great prophecies, we have been expecting it but we have not been ushering it in. We have not been intentional about it. We know that revival is coming that it is going to start in our city.

“It’s [the prayer campaign] birthed in Port Elizabeth but its nationwide, global. My aunty who raised me after my mom passed away when I was still in school — when I told her the plan she said: ‘This revival; we’ve been expecting it in Zimbabwe but we know it’s going to start in South Africa.”

Marunga said he shared his vision for three months of prayer with the senior pastor of Fountain Vineyard, Dave Pedersen.

“The response was humbling. Most people I have spoken to are so excited and people have indicated they are so ready to participate. ”

He said: “We are living in brutal times — the devil really wants us to be wiped out — be silenced — but now we are going to fight back and have 90 days of prayer.”

Marunga said his hope is that the campaign will inspire people to seek God and not give up and that it will cause believers to come together and be Kingdom-focused.”

“God wants us to ask Him [share our burdens with Him] so that He can respond. He created us to be involved with Him. At times I feel we don’t give Him that opportunity. So we will start with prayers of repentance and say: ‘Sorry God, we want to walk with You, to fellowship with You.”

He said weekly prayer points will be sent out during the 13 weeks of the campaign. They will include specific topics like leaders, countries, the Church — around a theme of revival. The number of prayer points each week will be kept to a minimum “so that you can be more focused and just trust God”.

Anybody wanting to be part of the “Revival Is Coming” 90-days of prayer should WhatsApp “revival” to  +27 78 944 1391.

Those attending the daily prayer hour at the crosses at Fountain Vineyard should wear masks and observed pandemic regulations.


  1. I will pray! In the name above all names Jesus, we need revival!

  2. Marianne Lotter

    This is brilliant! I definitely agree with this