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lindy-ann-global-awakening[notice]A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.[/notice]

Hallelujah and Happy New Year everyone!!!

I hope you had a fantastic festive season with family and friends!

Looking back on 2016 I cannot but throw my hands up in the air, look up to heaven and smile at my Pappa God in awe of what He has done!

Great awakening 1Kicking off 2016
2016 kicked off with a Beautiful Witness Tour to Germany and Austria in February — where I witnessed amazing things like schizophrenia twice being healed instantly and a radical weight loss miracle! This was also the time God started revealing to me how to shift a territory. Having just gone through losing my own father to murder at the end of 2015 — I saw many people set free during this time of the spirit of trauma, self-condemnation, unbelief, rejection, fear and offense with God. The very Goliaths I had faced in that time.

Great awakening 2 smallBotswana was up next — Jacomien, my closest friend came with. It was Easter time. We preached on a bus and saw many young people saved and healed during the ride! At a church meeting — we saw a whole room of people be completely healed in one single corporate prayer — I stopped counting at 60 something! Arthritis and, and, and! Hallelujah!

It was a time of severe drought and one afternoon I asked God to send rain that night during a 6pm till 6am meeting. Just before midnight, in the white tent, in the dust, in the middle of nowhere not a cloud insight, the Spirit of the living God was on me in boldness and I stretched out my hand … “Right now I prophesy rain to the nation of Botswana!” At that very moment it was as if heaven’s storehouses were loosed and it poured down with rain! I turned to Jacomien “vriendin dis ‘next level’!” (friend this is next level). God wants to take us to the next level — are you ready to say yes?!

Great awakening 3South Africa was not forgotten — I preached in as many churches as invited me — women’s events, townships, Paarl and so on. Oh! I love this country I call home and God’s love for us is evident!

A three month Beautiful Witness Coast to Coast Glory Tour in America followed!Great awakening 4It was glorious! I saw God make all things new time and time again — MS healed, crutches left behind and so much more — even metal in bodies dissolving and full mobility returning!

Here is a clip I sent to all the pastors and hosts after the tour.

I was back home again in July to celebrate my birthday with family and friends.

Great awakening 5 smallThe glory continued! I was honoured to be a speaker at Journey of Grace’ Women’s Conference — many testimonies followed. One lady was healed of a coffee allergy and another from a dripping bladder. Both immediately went out after the prayer to test it — the one went and drank a massive double macho chino something or other and the other one off to the bathroom — both were instantly healed!!! Glory to God.

August 8 we also celebrated my brother’s wedding — it was on a farm in Stellenbosch. Proud sister. Beautiful.

SA was full of meetings here and there, wine tasting, sightseeing, spontaneously being an MC at a chocolate and wine show, preaching at Powerhouse church, speaking at schools in the area seeing many children giving their lives to Jesus and getting healed right there in their school!

August I was off to Europe again for a two and a half month tour to Europe – you can read about this in my last article.

Friends from abroad
November 9 I hit SA ground again and soon after so did a powerful team of friends from abroad.

The week after my return from the Fire and Love Tour in Europe I was off again. To Durban for the Global Legacy Retreat. The night I arrived back from that my first guest arrived — Koray my intern from Germany. He travelled with me whilst in Europe. The next day Tina arrived. I know Tina from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and she wanted to come visit.

Great awakening 6 people
All smiles after sharing about Jesus at a church service.

That same night we were off to Wallacedene — a Cape Coloured township. Months prior I had been asked by a man in church who does a lot of ministry in that area if he could book me for a two day crusade in a township. And there we were. The Friday night was with the youth! I had Sharon, my intern, Jacomien, my best friend and two Europeans with me — all filled with the Holy Spirit. I love speaking to youth simply because they so often expect Christians to be boring and that’s the furthest thing from me. It is the furthest thing from what Christianity is meant to be!

That night God was on the move.

Even before the meeting started two of the leaders were healed already!

One young guy was healed of a headache just looking at a picture Jacomien had drawn — prophetic art power!

Ha ha. God is fun!

Great awakening 7 hall
Meeting at Scottsdene Community Hall.

One person can set a community ablaze
The next night we were off to the Scottsdene Community Hall. It was the first time ever they had booked out the hall for an event. What an honour. Not many people came, but it didn’t matter because one person who catches the fire can set the whole community ablaze!

The Holy Spirit was with us in power and after releasing my team to release words of knowledge (when God shows specific things about people or healings that are needed in the room) miracles started to break out.

“Eye problems” — was called out and people turned to those people and started to pray. There was a lady in the second row with a pair of glasses. She was in constant pain and had 30% vision in her left eye due to a stroke. Tears started to stream down her cheeks as she realised she had been touched by God. Her eye was completely healed! She took of her glasses noticing she didn’t need them anymore. I called her to the front to share what God had done … watch here.


Great awakening 8 people
Praying for healings and baptism in the Holy Spirit during the Scottsdene meeting.

Another amazing thing that happened that night was how God touched the little children. When I called those who wanted to surrender their lives to King Jesus to the altar — many children came. And when the Holy Spirit baptism started to break out — the children were completely taken out by God. They were lying on the floor under the power of God. It was glorious!

I absolutely love ministering to our Kaapse Kleurlinge — I get to speak my home language and often I talk it the way they do when in their valleys!

The following week my spiritual daughter whilst at Bethel arrived from Switzerland –Marie-Laure.

Now three Europeans in Cape Town.

Great awakening 9 people
Lindy-Ann with her friends who were visiting from Europe.

Healings and salvations while sightseeing
Sightseeing was the order of the day and Jesus came along. From Table Mountain, penguin watching, the red bus, beach, beach and more beach, a sunset cruise, Kirstenbosch concert — you name it, we did it. People got touched, healed and saved everywhere!

Great awakening 10 people
Lindy-Ann showing her European friends the sights in Cape Town.

On December 4 I spoke a bit at my home church — Journey of Grace with these three by my side! Popcorn prophecy, words of knowledge and so on flowed. People were radically touched. God loves touching His children. Those who know Him and those who don’t.

Great awakening 11 people
Ministering at Journey of Grace.

Great awakening 12 smallDecember 6 we went to Mannenburg. My friends Thomas and Erin (he is from Switzerland and she from the USA) live there and are making a huge impact! They invited me to come speak! This was a highlight for sure. Firstly, we were out in the streets that afternoon evangelising and inviting people to the evening open air meeting. Koray being used powerfully by God in leading people to Jesus on the street!

That night I was up to speak with a microphone on a street corner. Not a normal setup. And people weren’t really coming over to join the gathering, but a lot of people were walking by looking over and some hanging out of their windows in the block of flats across the street. I shared some of my testimony and then started throwing out words of knowledge for healing and other things! I would point to individuals crossing the street or in the flats “third flat from the left top floor — there is someone with…” it was incredible. It was a first for me. And it worked. People were getting saved. People were getting healed.

Great awakening 13 people
Ministering on a street corner in Mannenburg.
Great awakening 14 people small
Sharing Jesus in Mannenburg.

A gangster got saved that night and I saw him soon after at a worship evening called “Deep River” in Diep Rivier with Thomas and another converted ex gangster. Jesus!

My favourite testimony from that evening — a lady with a broken ankle in a cast with crutches was walking by. I had been reading Maria Woodworth-Etter’s book and had asked God to see people touched who were not in the meeting. As she stood on the other side of the road — she stopped to listen. As she continued walking she noticed something. Something big. She was completely healed! And no one even prayed for her. She came across the street to the front and immediately my team approached her offering to pray for her.

Great awakening 15 people small
Praying in Mannenburg.

“I am already healed!” They caught my attention and brought her up to share.
“Have you given your life to Jesus yet?”
“Is tonight your night?”

Adventures in Darling
December 11 we were off to Darling. Powerhouse Church had invited me to be the closing speaker of a four-day crusade.

Wow! Baptisms, healings, Holy Spirit.

I have always found this people group to be very bound when it comes to giving their lives to Jesus. They all know Jesus and most go to church, but when you asked “Are you reborn?” Often they say no they are not ready. And often after the most grace-saturated message — they are still reluctant. This was my prayer for this meeting and oh how God heard my prayer. He revealed the key for the breakthrough and I saw it in that meeting! He also told me just before the meeting to share on the parable of the 10 virgins … When I made the altar call to be reborn nearly the whole tent came forward! Hallelujah!!!! Many years contending’s fruit!

Great awakening 16 people
Ministering in Darling during Powerhouse Church’s crusade.

Here you see all the hands raised to receive Jesus!

On the way back we stopped for petrol in a dark little township industrial area — by this time we were driving on fumes! A fight broke out in front of us and before we knew it the store window was broken and it was chaos! I put the worship music on load — long story short — salvations followed!

The next day we picked up our final person from the airport, Florian, a pastor and very good friend from Germany and my friend Esmé, kids ministry pastor at my church. And off we went up the Garden Route.

First stop Knysna.

Speaking Jesus at every opportunity
The guys were leading people to Jesus at every opportunity! We went for breakfast at The Heads and some of the waitresses remembered me from exactly a year prior when I had prayed for some of them — healing broke out and some got saved.

Great awakening 17 people
Breakfast at The Heads in Knysna with friends.

More prayer followed. Then the team started a revival in the parking lot afterwards.

A lot of people say they are waiting for God to tell them to speak to someone about Him or pray for someone. But actually, God is waiting for us. He already revealed Himself and will through Jesus!

Great awakening 18 small
View from the Jacuzzi at Botlierskop Bush Villa.

A game reserve was in order. One night at Botlierskop in a bush villa. Sitting in a jacuzzi with hippos as background — thank you God! We had such favour — the foreigners went on a game drive and then due to some complications we got another game drive for free and this time for all of us!

De Vette Mossel for seafood buffet was on our to-do and the whole Bloubul Rugby Team was there that night. Before I knew it we were praying for injuries.

We stayed the night at Arabella Guest Farm — gorgeous — and I am invited back to speak at a youth weekend there sometime. I love how God works — we were the first guests to stay in the Manor House and we could pray and bless the owner — she also loves Jesus and you just knew that her prayers had just been answered.

Great awakening 19 people
De Vette Mossel for the seafood buffet.

Sunday December 18 we held a Beautiful Witness Communion Evening — a live feedback evening with friends and others interested, which I try to do after every trip. After sharing one guy who had come along with a friend burst into tears “Please pray for me for us to also experience this!” It set the tone for such a hunger in the room and an amazing time of prayer and worship. One girl sat frozen for about an hour under the presence and power of God!

Some rest and relaxation
By Monday most of my guests had left and it was time for Christmas. Relax. Rest. My mom made the most amazing food as she always does!

Great awakening 20 people
Christmas dessert prepared by Lindy-Ann’s mother.

December 31 all I wanted to do was get away and retreat with God …

I stayed over at my good friend Lindsay’s apartment the previous night. That morning — last day of the year — I went running on the Seapoint promenade. “Oh, Jesus how I have missed some alone time together just you and I” and there right in front of me about 100m from the coast — two humpback whales playing for all to enjoy! A big kiss from Daddy. Oh how Jesus loves us and loves our adoration of Him!

New Year’s I got to spend at De Kelders with Jacomien and her family. We sokkie’d and shared crazy stories of what we have seen Jesus do with her cousins mouths hanging open! Until 3am January 1 2017. “That is actually really cool” the one said.

Morning of January 1 2017 we all came together to pray, worship and take communion together — dedicating the year to our King. A perfect way to start the New Year!

Oh, the adventures we have been on together in 2016 is simply breath-taking and life giving! And oh the adventures which are still to come! Thank you Abba.

My prayer for you
And that is my prayer as you read this article — that God will breathe new life into every dry place you may be experiencing and that your love for Him will be sparked afresh and overflow more and more and more … so much so that it will spill over onto everyone everywhere and together with Christ in us the hope of glory we can cause a wave of revival across the earth! A Global Awakening.

Great awakening 21 people
Lindy-Ann rested and ready to take on 2017.

2017 here we come!!!

Right now I am writing to you from New Delhi, India … make sure to read next month’s article about what God is doing here — a Global Awakening awaits!

Next up I am off to Johannesburg, Europe and USA — follow more of what God is doing on my Facebook page and feel free to write us if you want to join us or partner with us in what God is doing through Beautiful Witness ministries around the globe. Info@beautifulwitness.com

May the beautiful witnesses of God’s beautiful love for people encourage you to become all God has called you to be. To step out and release Christ in you the hope of Glory, because all the earth is waiting for you!

Lots of love and fire

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  1. I’m sure this is what Jesus meant when he said….Go into all the world and preach the gospel.I felt so encouraged by Lindy-Ann’s determination to obey no matter what the cost. I will be honoured to partner with her in prayer.