A picture from Stellenbosch that speaks life


On Wednesday (October 26 2016), a day when a student march to parliament ended in violent mayhem after some of the students and police clashed, these University of Stellenbosch students stood on a mountain and prayed life into their campus and town below. The university, about 50km away from troubled campuses in Cape Town has been relatively free of violence and disruptions in the ongoing student action demanding “free decolonised education”. Stellenbosch Christian student leaders shared the following prayer requests with Gateway News volunteer reporter Libby Norton: 1. Unity (in the Body and leadership) 2. God’s will to be done on campus. 3. Peace over the campuses.


  1. This is SO encouraging to see young people from my beloved hometown and alma mater who are choosing God’s way above human folly. May their prayers impact other universities too!

  2. Pastor Leon De Smidt

    I was brought up in Stellenbosch and have a great love for the town as well. It is so beautiful. This is what we want to leave for our children. Let us not allow the enemy take more ground. My father used to say.” When your knees are knocking, kneel on them “. Let us pray for the anger and bitterness to subside, and may love prevail.