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Righting wrongs the wrong way

[notice]A monthly column by Michael Cassidy, evangelist, author, Christian leader and founder of African Enterprise whose ministry in Africa and the world has spanned more than 50 years.[/notice] In these times in South Africa many people are very perplexed about how to react to the student uprisings on our campuses […]

Rainbow nation shows up at campus prayer service

Conflict exposes need for discipleship and unity among Christian students Hundreds of students, parents and Christian leaders worshiped God together and prayed together at a joyful, Spirit-filled prayer service at NMMU (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) in Port Elizabeth on Sunday night. For a few precious hours the rainbow nation — […]

Christ on our campuses: peacemakers step in where trust has been lost

You and your church can help bring reconciliation at this crucial moment in South Africa’s history I phoned Sacli’s Miles Giljam this afternoon to find out more about a Christian peacemaking initiative on South African university campuses caught up in a cycle of protest and violence that has shaken the […]