Anti-Christian bias is what’s unconstitutional!

Defending family, faith and freedom

The liberal media’s public lynching of Justice Mogoeng was more about the candidate’s Christian viewpoints, than about his suitability for the post of Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court.

Justice Mogoeng existed in relative obscurity until President Zuma nominated him for the post of Chief Justice. Once his Christianity was revealed, Mogoeng became public enemy number one.

The usual gaggle of pro-homosexual and anti-family groups ganged up on Mogoeng in a media frenzy of staggering hypocrisy. Most of the groups accusing Mogoeng of being “gender-biased” – support legalised prostitution and do nothing for women exploited in the sex industry.

The liberal media actively participates in the social degradation of women by accepting and publishing adverts from sex slave-traders that reduce women to mere commodities for sale.

Homosexual activists and their cheerleaders in the liberal media launched a scathing attack on Justice Mogoeng mainly because he believes homosexuality is a sin that can be cured through prayer.

Contrast Mogoeng’s public vilification with the Constitutional Court appointment of radical homosexual activist, Judge Edwin Cameron. There was no media inquisition when President Kgalema Motlanthe sneaked Judge Cameron onto the Concourt on New Years Eve 2008.

Cameron, co-author of the perversion promoting book, “Defiant Desire – Gay & Lesbian Lives in SA” is a close friend and ally of another radical homosexual activist, Zackie Achmat, who once condemned  government as “immoral” for not distributing condoms in school toilets.

Africa Christian Action’s Book, “The Pink Agenda” documents Cameron’s role in advancing homosexuality in South Africa under the sub-title, “How Homosexuals Hijacked the Revolution.”

The media’s hysterical response to Mogoeng’s nomination, recognises that Bible-believing Justice Mogoeng’s appointment as Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court probably threatens the agenda of anti-family groups to install homosexual sympathisers in key judicial positions.

Controversial homosexual activists are lauded and applauded in the media while Christian leaders are mercilessly attacked and vilified for daring to hold a Biblical Christian worldview of life.

Alarmingly, it appears that Christianity is on trial in SA. Despite religious beliefs and opinion being protected in the Constitution – Christian views are regularly attacked in the liberal media.

The IFP’s Koos van de Merwe made a point of ridiculing Mogoeng’s belief that “God wanted him to be the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court.” In fact, anti-family groups did their level best to demean Mogoeng for his Christian beliefs – suggesting it may even be unconstitutional!

South Africa appears to following a similar path as Britain where a UK High Court recently ruled, “Christian convictions and principles no longer have a place in British law,”

Most troubling however, is the deafening silence of the Church. Once again, the Christian Church leadership remains silent while Christian values are ridiculed and vilified in the media.

Homosexual activists are aggressively promoting their agenda in SA – making inroads into our schools. Activists have pressured government to regard the rape of lesbians a more serious crime than the rape of heterosexual women – effectively rendering homosexuals a special class of citizen.

And while homosexual activists advance their radical anti-family agenda in almost every sector of society – Christianity and its values and principles are increasingly being undermined.

The main reason for this is the apparent paralysis of the Church of Christ. Whatever evil is being perpetrated in society today – its success depends primarily on a silent and apathetic Church.

Significantly, when Biblical values are demonised & sexual depravity elevated as a virtue – judgement is never far away. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Isaiah 5:20.

The advance and normalisation of sexual perversion in society is a serious threat to marriage and the family in SA. I pray that God will convict and spur His Church into action before it’s too late.

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  1. I searched my Bible, but I couldn’t find a verse where God says that He wanted Justice Mogoeng to be made chief justice. The church’s silence over the Mogoeng affair is indeed shameful: it should have pointed out not all Christians are so arrogant as to believe that they can read God’s mind. I know that there are certain Christians who constantly evoke God’s will to justify what they do: it’s amazing how their desires and God’s will always happen to be one and the same thing.

    I have no doubt that the liberal elite gave Mogoeng a hard time because he is a Christian. But running around trying to play the victim card won’t work here. A person who can’t be bothered to write a response because they don’t like to write is unfit to be CJ. Imagine appointing someone as pastor who says they aren’t much interested in praying?

    Mogoeng’s judgments in the child rape case and the case of the woman who was dragged behind a car are disgusting. What kind of Christian witness is that?

    The liberal elite have been in frothy because they think Mogoeng’s Christianity will compromise his judgements. My question is: won’t Mogoeng’s vow to uphold a secular-humanist and anti-Christian Constitution compromise his Christianity?