Awesome Karoo Mighty Men experience inspires man to sponsor 10 buses from the Cape

The bus trip between Cape Town and the KMMC was part of the great experience of the KMMC 2013 for these men. (PHOTO: Andre Stoman Photography)

Last year the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC) hosted a group of 50 men from the Cape Peninsula, who travelled to the meeting in a single bus. This year an expanded group is planning to attend the KMMC consisting of 600 men who will arrive in 10 busses. 

The organiser of last year’s group (who wants to remain anonymous) is subsidising the cost of the bus trip which will cost men only R100 including food for the weekend at the KMMC. He says although it was the first time he had attended a Mighty Men conference in 2013, he will not miss another KMMC.

“I have never experienced the presence of the Lord or felt His Spirit as I did at KMMC 2013.

“I woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning wondering what it was that had awakened me. Walking outside of my tent I found that it was a group of men praying around a cross.

“The whole weekend was one of close communion with both the Lord and fellow conference goers. People were greeting and praying for each other even though they were formerly strangers.

“It was great to be in such a peaceful and joyful environment, among so many men whose sole aim was to give God glory and build their relationships with Him.”    

He says it is difficult to describe the experience of being in such a harmonious environment; the stillness and space of the Karoo is also a wonderful place to worship the Lord.

However, it was not only the KMMC that was such a rewarding experience, the bus trips to and from the conference were equally enjoyable.

“The friendships made, the prayers shared and the worship together on the bus was amazing with people singing and laughing spontaneously and in a spirit of unity even though we were of different ages, from different church denominations, different races and different parts of the Cape.

“The trip back to Cape Town was even better, because we had so many testimonies and experiences to share.”

Godfrey Sadziwa was also a first-time attendee at the KMMC 2013, confirms the richness of the experience, both on the bus and at the conference.

He said: “It changed my life. The speakers at the conference seemed to be speaking about my life and directly to me.

“Before, I was only part a man; today, I am a real man, a responsible man who has better relationships with both my family and the Lord.

“Previously, I would make all decisions by myself. However, I now only make decisions after spending time with the Lord and consulting with Him.”

Sadziwa said attending the KMMC was the fulfilment of his dreams.

“It was good for me as a person and I enjoyed it. I made friends whom I am looking forward to seeing again this year.”   

Buses will be travelling to KMMC from different starting points in the Cape including Cape Town, Hermanus, Moorreesburg, and Worcester. For more information contact Janine at 072 0154 881 or .