BAYfm broadcasting live from Karoo Mighty Men

Kevin Futcher, Trevor both from Bay FM & yours truly.
BAYfm presenters (from left) Kevin Futcher (Kevin “D”) and Trevor Flugel with KMMC committee member, Lance Walton.


Opportunity to travel to KMMC by bus

Port Elizabeth-based community radio station, Bayfm will be broadcasting live from the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC) near Middelburg from April 25 to April 27 and will also be taking men to the event on a 60-seater bus.

Excited Bayfm presenter, Trevor Flugel, says that God has miraculously paved the way for the radio station to get involved in the KMMC and to powerfully impact men in the Eastern Cape through radio with a message of hope in Jesus Christ and with a call to take up their rightful places as men. He said there is also a great possibility that Radio Tygerberg and Namaqualand Radio will live stream Bay FM’s coverage to their audiences.

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He says that men who would like to join their bus group should contact BAYfm at 041 360 0909. The cost of the return trip from PE to Middelburg is R300.

In an email explaining how the station got involved in the KMMC, Flugel writes: “There was recently an invitation to BAYfm presenters, to enjoy a weekend away at Keurbooms River, Plettenberg Bay. Four of us went on this trip.

“The place we went to was called Whiskey Creek. Well, it did speak of a spirit, but we got onto the Mighty Men Conference subject and the Holy Spirit. While we were chatting and exchanging ideas God dropped a thought into my heart which I shared, and which went along the following lines: What a wonderful opportunity it would be for our listeners if BAYfm could broadcast from the MMC to our whole reception area, giving the people a taste of what it is like to attend a conference like this. We are a community driven radio station; and it is our community men who are going to the Middelburg MMC.

“I shared my previous experiences of MMC conferences with Tony Venturini, our BAYfm manager, and that afternoon we kicked around some ideas, but I basically didn’t really get hyped up about the idea until Tony called me later after that weekend, to ask if we really did want to get involved. Without hesitation I said, yes, why not, and subsequently spoke to Pastor Louw Kilian, then who passed the information onto the MMC committee locally in Port Elizabeth.

First miracle
“I contacted Ruthi van der Merwe of Mighty Men Conference, Middelberg, and asked her if we could become involved with the MMC in the capacity of broadcasting to the Eastern Cape area where our listenership lies. Miracle no 1: What I didn’t know was that Namaqualand Radio had told the organisers that they wouldn’t be getting involved this year,and that therefore no radio station would be there to broadcast the conference. Miracle no 2: Immediately, on sharing this with friends and family, we were offered a towing vehicle with all expenses paid, to tow our outside broadcast caravan to the Middelburg venue.

“On Monday night (7 April 2014) I presented a short talk about what we envisaged, at Pastor Louw Kilian’s Lorraine Full Gospel Church where men from previous MMCs get together every week. I mentioned the fact that we were organising a bus to take men to the Middelberg MMC. During the course of our presentation, Kevin Futcher, better known as Kevin “D” from BAYfm, held a question and answer time. Lance Walton, the local MMC Coordinator, asked how many men could be transported on the relevant bus, as he’d had a recent tent cancellation from another group who had decided to supply their own tents instead. Miracle no 3: Lance then said that the relevant tent could accommodate sixty men, the exact number that our bus could take.

“We started our radio advertising on Tuesday afternoon, 8th April, and within a minute of the first advertisement being broadcast we already received enquiries about the bus transportation. This in itself, is confirmation that God is already moving by His Spirit.

The question is: Are our churches ready to receive a miracle of the proportion that God is giving to us? There is so much we can do for our people and yet we seem to think our hands are tied. Every night on BAYfm we receive prayer requests that go beyond the imagination of anyone in the church today. Many of the prayers are for the men who are non-functional with regard to family life. This is therefore an opportunity to reach those men through radio, giving them the blessed hope of Jesus Christ’s eternal life for them, and that they also stand up and take their rightful place as true men in their families, and then in society too.

“Radio sound waves enter prisons, hospitals, homes, old age homes, hotel rooms, orphanages, boats at sea, factories, police and emergency services, security firms, and the like. We have the necessary equipment at our disposal and we want to use it as an outreach to all.

“The greatest need is for prayer; we need men and women of God to stand in the gap for us, helping us to be what God wants us to be, and praying for our nation as we bring the Word of God into the lives of the people.”


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  2. It is AMAZING how God alwys bring things together in His ways at His time

  3. Will so miss being present in person. Will be present in prayer and spirit. May God’s Holy Spirit bless each and all that attend with visible miraculous signs and wonders Shalom Dennis