Bible mission family heading for Swaziland

The Groblers during their April mission in Lesotho. They are (from the left) Ivan, Chantelle, Benita and Eben.

The Grobler family of Despatch are looking forward to their latest Bible mission adventure — a Christmas outreach in Swaziland where they plan to hand out 500 Bibles at churches and schools in the Siteki area.

“We never thought that the next mission would come so quickly after our Lesotho trip at the end of April. God is GREAT!!” says Eben Grobler on the eve of the family’s third Bible mission trip since last year. They will set out by road for Swaziland on December 21 and plan to be there for Christmas.

“Our compassion and love for what we are doing is overwhelming,” says Eben who together with his wife, Benita and children, Chantelle and Ivan, and a group of friends, distributed 500 Bibles in remote Lesotho mountain villages earlier this year. In 2013, during a holiday trip in Lesotho, the family handed out 50 Bibles in the same area. After encountering the hunger for Bibles in the area they resolved to return in April 2014 with 500 Bibles. And after that trip they all felt God challenge them to give away 5 000 Bibles.

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Explaining how the latest expedition came about, Eben says: “We were praying for the next Bible mission and God showed us the way. We made contact with three pastors and they could not believe that we want to bring Bibles for them. They have a great desire for Bibles and in a community of 50 people there is only 1 Bible.

“We will serve the Siteki community and surrounding schools and churches and wish them a Merry Christmas – ‘Khisimusi lomuhle’.”

He says the Swaziland trip, which will be undertaken by the family alone, is part of their “Mission 5 000” project.

“We will continue to collect Bibles for those in need.The contributions of the community is overwhelming and we are very thankful,” he says, adding they will go wherever God directs them.

“Lesotho – will always be special for this was the [location of the] first Bible Mission adventure. We have contact with Pastor Siphiwe [at Sani Top, Lesotho] every week. The community is doing great. Although the everyday need for food and gas occur they are so committed to God’s Word. On Sunday he [Pastor Siphiwe] said ‘Sometimes God wants us to have nothing in order for us to feel how grateful we need to be when we have something’. This was the most precious words!! We make up parcels every week with basic needs such as clothing, two minute noodles, Bible booklets and tea. We did a wish list for Christmas for the kids at Sani Top and will be sending them Christmas gifts early in December,” says Eben.

Anybody wishing to partner with the Groblers can contact them at (Eben) or (Beninta) or 084 587 8804.

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