Bloemfontein community inspired to start revival prayer walks

Prayer walk in Heidedal, Bloemfontein last Sunday.

The ongoing wave of prayer walking that started in the Western Cape earlier this month has inspired a community in Bloemfontein to start weekly “revival prayer walks” from 6.30am to 9pm on Sundays.

Alerting Gateway News about their first revival prayer walk in Heidedal, Bloemfontein last Sunday, Pastor Rehana Wales of Beauty for Ashes Ministry said that she and Pastor Zelda van Wyk of New Breath Ministry, united to launch the initiative after being inspired by the example of other communities in the Western Cape and Northern Cape.

“Both of us felt Holy Spirit putting this on our hearts,” she said.

“We were joined by other leaders and community members from the Heidedal community.
“It was important for us to bring the community together, especially the churches. Church leaders need to be united, especially in this time when people need hope in the midst of this pandemic. And we wanted to do the prayer walk to be that hope so that people through it can also be encouraged and hopeful,” she said.
She continued: “We feel like God is saying don’t pray this away — pray through it.
“The Church of Christ is being awakened and She will arise and be victorious.”
Wales said the group focused their prayers on their community, Bloemfontein and South Africa.
“We prayed for the Spirit of revival to be unleashed. For a fresh baptism in the Spirit.
“We prayed for mass salvation.
“We believe if we can stand in unity and come together like this, still respecting and honouring the lockdown regulations, we can be a source of hope because the Church should be the hope on the world.
“We prayed for unity in the Church, for leaders to take hands and give love hope and bring Jesus to the world.
“We prayed for our leaders in government, our president, all the ministers part of decisionmaking for our country. We prayed God give them His wisdom and strength during this pandemic. That decisions will not be made out of fear.
“We prayed for the economy, small business, big business — that they will come back strong and not lose their business.
“We prayed for the schools that will be opening soon. Prayed for the teachers and children.
“We prayed that the Church will arise during this time and be the hope in the world and that Church will be made essential in South Africa.
“Prayed for all the medical staff that they will be safe and have strength in this time.
“We prayed for the families who have lost loved ones in this time.
“We prayed that Covid-19 will not discourage the spirit of the South African people.
“We prayed for the most vulnerable — elders, homeless the poor — that they will not lose hope in this time.
“We prayed against fear and everything associated with fear,” she said.


  1. Elke Janse Van Rensburg

    I also want to join the prayer walk in Bloemfontein. Can I maybe ask for contact details?