Botswana shuts down church of Prophet Bushiri over ‘miracle money’

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri preaching at a service. (PHOTO: Adomonline)

Botswana has shut down Prophet  Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) in Gaborone,  due to concerns over the church’s use of “miracle money” — promises of money appearing as if by magic, reports the Botswana Gazette.

Malawian-born Bushiri — who is based in South Africa and has churches across Africa, has more than 2.3 million likes on Facebook and filled Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium on New Year’s Eve — has yet to respond publicly.

The church leader who is known for his lavish lifestyle and claims of miracles came under fire last year after it emerged he was charging from R1 000 to R25 000 to attend a gala dinner with him.


The Botswana Gazette reports that the the church will be shut for good and that its has a letter informing management the registration has been cancelled.



  1. the lightning that is gonna strike him is still lifting weights

    • Here in SOUTHAFRICAN most of people believed in miracle not in God if this man is Aman of God why he don’t pray those who are in hospital, guys open your eyes let’s go to the church not to follow miracle

  2. False prophets will always be with us, and ‘those who think that godliness is a means to financial gain’ (1 Timothy 6:5) are especially popular. People are gullible. The Name of Jesus is shamed. Nevertheless “freedom of religion/conscience/belief” means the State must tolerate these things, provided they don’t break (just) laws. Joshua 24:15 allows everyone (even God’s people) the option to choose wrong belief-systems, while urging them by word and example to serve the one True God. State control of Religion is the thin edge of the wedge leading to persecution of true believers. The 1:12 ratio of believers experiencing persecution you mention will grow. Be faithful, warn and pray!

  3. Likhona Ntshaqa

    People must seek God first not miracles so that they will be able to search spirits

  4. Our people will suffer because of the lack of knoladge ..people love miracles than knowing God they like to know their tomorrow and forget that the bible said that first find the kingdom of God

  5. Laazz Shangase

    I seek God in the days of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major One.. I love the God of Major One the God of Israel oh yes God Jehovah.. I’m proud son of Major One :D and I say backward neverr.. :D