Call to pray for persecuted church on International Days of Prayer

idop2014Christians in about 150 nations around the world will unite in prayer on the International Days of Prayer for the Persecuted  Church (IDOP) on Sunday November 2 and Sunday November 9.

More than 100 million Christians in some 66 countries worldwide face persecution for their faith in Jesus and IDOP, which has been observed since 1996, aims to strengthen and encourage persecuted believers and bring attention to their plight. 

Churches are encouraged to set an IDOP Sunday apart to pray for Christians in countries such as North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Sudan and Sri Lanka where Christians daily face imprisonment, violence and even death. 

A number of websites provide IDOP information and resources to help churches and Christians pray effectively at this time. Resource sites include: Open Doors SA (, IDOP – Africa ( and IDOP14 ( 


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