Chance to be part of first-of-its-kind global moment of communion on Wednesday April 8

Joshua Fowler explains why he feels its important for people to come together on the same day at the same time to celebrate communion together. See video below. (PHOTOl CBN screenshot).

By Shawn Bolz — originally published in CBN News

Imagine hundreds of thousands if not millions of people celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus and His power during a shared virtual communion experience at the same time on the same day – praying powerful prayers in agreement to turn the tide of coronavirus as well as financial and other world issues.

That’s exactly what prophetic leader Joshua Fowler is believing for as he has gathered together a powerful line-up of spiritual leaders to celebrate communion together on April 8 at 2pm Central Time in the US (9pm South African time/ Central African Time).

Ministers like, Harry Jackson from Washington DC, Samuel Rodriguez, Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Joseph Garlington, Patricia King, RealTalk Kim (Kim Jones), Tom & Jane Hamon and myself are among some of the contributors who will present online.

When asked why he was doing this, Fowler expressed that he heard from God to gather leaders and believers from all over the world online to take communion together.

“I heard the Lord say, ‘Gather my prophets and people to Prophesy the Passover and take communion together. As You return and remember Me and My Table, your turning will cause the nations to turn to Me. These are the Days of The Great Return. For in your turning, you will see the turning of the tide’,” Fowler said.

He quoted Jesus and shared about how our words have the power just like the rudder of a ship, to turn the whole ship, believing that as we return, remember, and prophesy together, God will turn the tide. There is much more to the prophecy which he will share Live during the event, and other contributors will share prophetic words and intercession points.

Joshua just hosted a highly attended online public prophetic roundtable via Facebook Live called “ROAR2020,” which gathered more than 50 prophets and prophetic voices from many diverse movements to share about what God is doing in this season.

“There was such a positive consensus that God is for humanity and has good plans for us that it was an easy springboard to gather believers to pray God’s Kingdom to come to Earth,” Fowler said.

You can watch the replay here:

One thing is for sure, gathering a vast crowd of this potential size for a moment of communion has never been done and could be one of the most powerful acts of unity and connection to Jesus during this COVID-19 pandemic. #GlobalCommunion

You can check out Joshua Fowler and his events here.


  1. On which channel will it be broadcast in Douth Africa

  2. I am so sad! I could not find any link to get to the Global Communion! All I could find was ways to donate….that was very clear
    I’m a generous person, but this has been bad experience for me.

    • Hi Laverne. One option is to take communion at 9pm SA time, thereby uniting with multitudes of believers around the world. This is explained in the short video at the top of the page. The video also suggests some links where you can join the global communion service at 9pm with some of the leaders mentioned in the article. Here is one option —
      I hope that helps and that you get to share in this unique event.

  3. Help can’t find the global communion

  4. Wow, I attended this event on the first day of Passover. It was a remarkable experience indeed with some weighty words about the great awakening and harvest that is dawning. About the tide turning. Taking communion with our family here and the world out there was also special. At the start Joshua Fowler challenged those of us who wanted the event to be quick to adjust our mindsets. We can sit for hours watching Netflix or sport but want God to fit into our convenience slots. I accepted the challenge and watched the whole event although my plan had been to spend much of the evening writing and editing for this week’s Gateway News. Well, it was 4 hours. I think, among other respects, that time was a prophetic action about resetting our heart attitude to God. There was a strong call for repentance from many of the pastors and prophets from around the world who had brief slots. I was especially blessed to hear Pastor Jay and Pastor Afrika from PE releasing short words — a blessing that only manifested about three hours into the programme. There will be a follow up session — a celebration — on the 16th of April, the last day of Passover and the last day of the lockdown in SA.