Christian education stakeholders attend imbizo in King William’s Town

Education stakeholders at an education imbizo at Vineyard Ministries in King William’s Town last Saturday. The event was hosted by the Eastern Cape Christian Educators Forum

Educators, parents, students and believers attended an education imbizo at Vineyard Ministries, King William’s Town last Saturday hosted by the Eastern Cape Christian Educators Forum (ECCF) which aims to restore God in the education sector.

Speakers included ECCEF chairperson Prophet Nikiwe Apenteng, Students’ Christian Organisation (SCO) leader A Dlomo, teacher Ayanda Nkunzi, Institute of Christian Leadership Development CEO Ps Segun Olanipekun and Prophet Laurette Mkati. There was also an open question-and-answers session.

During her talk on how the Church should be positioned in the education sector, Mkati presented a report on her involvement in adoption of three schools through the Kingdom Community Deliverance and Transformation project.

Resolutions on the way forward taken at the imbizo were:

  • To encourage churches to adopt nearby schools.
  • Fivefold ministers, believers and teachers to be equipped so that they can enforce the rule of the Kingdom of God in schools.
  • The need to have spiritual workers/staff assistance who will focus on challenges facing teachers in schools. Training and paying of stipends of spiritual workers will be done by the forum.
  • A need for a meeting between SCO management and the Eastern Cape Christian Educators forum. The meeting will be discussing ways in which these two can work together in schools.
  • The need for Eastern Cape Christian Educators Forum to have an office and personnel was emphasised. Mr A Dlomo (Coordinator of SCO in the province ) promised to give the forum an office.
  • Eastern Cape Christian Educators Forum to partner with Africa Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) Eastern Cape.
  • Christian parents to be mobilised so that they can take a stand for Christian values and principles.
  • It was emphasised that education and families should not be separated.

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