Christian leaders pray for Kingfisher FM after station taken off air by ICASA

Kingfisher FM team members, from the left, Lize-mari Arthur, Michele Lourens and Leanne Bennett stand proxy for staff and board members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Christian radio station as Pastor Dave Pedersen prays for them after the station was taken off air by ICASA over a licence infringement. Bennett made the call for prayer for the station at a pastors’ and Christian workers’ breakfast in Port Elizabeth this morning.

Christian leaders at a pastors’ and Christian workers’ breakfast in Port Elizabeth this morning earnestly took up a heartfelt plea from Kingfisher FM board member Leanne Bennett for prayers for the staff and board of the much-loved and respected Nelson Mandela Bay Christian radio station that was taken off air by ICASA on Tuesday for operating without a licence.


Kingfisher FM presenter Ethan Black posted the following invitation on social media this evening:

“Hi everyone. Just wanted to send an open invite to all who like to come and join in a time of worship on the lawn at the Kingfisher fm studios at 287 main road Walmer (PE) for a miracle so the station can broadcast again and also to honour God just because He is good no matter what
Time is 13h30 tomorrow

Briefly addressing the breakfast gathering at Oxygen Life Church Bennett asked those present to “uphold the Kingfisher FM family at this very difficult time”.

She said she was not at liberty to speak about the station’s present crisis. But she reminded the leaders of the great strides Kingfisher FM has made in the community over the past five years.

“I am asking you to pray. I am imploring you to ask Jesus to reveal truth. You know us, you’ve been in our studios, you’ve connected with our staff, you know our hearts,” she said.

Dave Pedersen, senior pastor at Fountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship and coordinator of the leaders’ breakfast gathering that periodically meets at different churches in the city, invited other people connected with Kingfisher FM to join Bennett in standing proxy with the station while those present stretched their arms towards them and prayed into the situation.

In a press statement posted on its Facebook Page Kingfisher FM says a late application for licence renewal has resulted in ICASA not being able to process the application and subsequently a notice has been issued to the station to end broadcasting.

“Ongoing interventions and legal intervention has been and is currently underway,” says the statement which notes thatĀ for many years Kingfisher FM has”been a beacon of light and hope for the greater community of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Gateway News echoes the calls for prayer for the staff and board of Kingfisher FM at this time of trial and urges our readers to pray for the station and mobilise others to pray.





  1. Let’s trust God for a ‘turn around’ miracle.

    Our God is able!

    Kingfisher FM has been one of the very strong connectors and unifiers of the NMB Interdenoninational Church over the years.

    We take this opportunity to thank all those that have been involved with Kingfisher FM, for the amazing ministry that the Station has been to NMB during the past 24 years – in which Kingfisher FM has been on the ‘air’!

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    Yes, we pray that Kingfisher Radio will have their licence renewed and so continue to be ‘a beaon of light’. Let us also pray that those on the staff who made “late application” will take public responsibility for their action, because operating “without a licence” is a serious offence. I sensed no humble attitude of repentance in this report. Rather it seems to blame ICASA for removing Kingfisher from the airwaves.

    This raises another matter for prayer: South Africa is becoming more and more lawless, with few consequences for lawlessness. Let us pray that Christians will set the example, and behave in line with Romans 13:1-4. Let’s pray that many citizens will repent of lawless behaviours and submit to the laws of the land. (Only if the nation’s laws conflict with God’s laws, is lawlessness permissable. (Acts 5:29).) My God restore Kingfisher Radio!