Churches urged to call on MPs to vote with consciences in no-confidence debate

A campaign has been launched to get 10 000 churches to call on parliamentarians to vote with their consciences when a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma is debated in parliament later this year.

The campaign is backed by the Save South Africa campaign, in partnership with The Evangelical Alliance of SA (EASA) and Ethical Foundation for Leadership Excellence, TEASA general secretary Rev Moss Ntlha says in a letter to church leaders.

“It is now time for all South Africans to stand together and say: ‘No more looting from our state.’

“We are inviting faith-based organisations and individuals to write messages on ‘fabric walls’ in the weeks running up to the no confidence vote. These will then be carried to parliament in Cape Town and will be part of the civil society picket on voting day,” Ntlha says.

At the end of May Zuma survived a motion of no-confidence in him at an ANC national executive meeting — the second such motion within a year.

The date of the parliamentary motion, tabled by the DA, is expected to be confirmed soon following this week’s ruling by the Constitutional Court that Speaker Baleka Mbete is empowered to allow for a secret ballot — an option which Zuma vehemently opposes.

A bid by the EFF to have Zuma impeached — for failing to uphold the constitution in relation to his failure to implement the public protector’s remedial action regarding certain Nkandla upgrades — is set for September 5 in the Constitutional Court.


  1. Thank you, Moss and TEASA, for this initiative! May Almighty God rescue South Africa, and give it leadders of Integrity and Competence!

  2. This is terrible!!! The clever people tell us that between 70 and 90% of the nation are Christian. Yet only about 1% of these so-called Christian voters voted with their consciences at election time.

    If the 70 to 90% of the “Christian” voters voted with their consciences for a party that adheres to Christian principles at election time, the nation would not be in the state that the nation finds itself in right now.

    After voting for the most undesirable political parties, these churches now want to tell the people in government, whom the churches voted into power in the first place, to vote with their consciences. What a joke!! I do not think that will happen.
    South Africa deserves the government that it has. A nation that refuses to repent (stop sinning) deserves every calamity that comes its way.

    When I think of all the unborn babies being slaughtered every day throughout the nation while the Church of Jesus Christ remains silent, I come to the conclusion that the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa has blood on its hands and God is not happy with His people in this nation.

    The Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa cannot say that it has a clear conscience before God and when I think of Isaiah 59, I must conclude that all these never ending large meetings, protests and goodness knows what not, organised by one celebrity after another, mean nothing while all the hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc. continue unabated.

    God will not heal this nation while His so-called people (70 – 90% of the nation) continue in their wicked ways, refusing to repent. The revival that most people want will be in direct proportion to the extent that the “Christians” are prepared to repent. And that repentance will only come about when the heart piercing undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and proclaimed to the nation.

    Christianity is not a “Lekker Geloof” where we can do as we please and expect God to hear our prayers despite the ongoing, never ending wickedness of His people. Selah!!!

    • Elsa van Rooyen

      Thank you for the opportunity to view my standpoint. When we cast our vote, we have the responsibility to do it with the blessing of the Lord by asking HIM for which party should I vote. We should weigh up our vote to be meaningful within the context of the need of the country and region. The Lord is NOT a quick fix to draw nearer to call upon now that our country is in a “big gemors.” Yes, we MUST plea that the Lord will keep us in the palm of His hand, but we should be realistic. Mr Zuma will NOT leave his position; only death will vacate his seat. In the meantime we (as Christians) will have to find ways and means to overcome this disastrous situation within the WILL OF THE LORD.

  3. Whilst I share the sentiments of John Saunders to a large extent, I believe God is giving our country a window of opportunity to change its ways. The ‘rolling prayer action’ since the “It’s Time” prayer gathering has continued in many church gatherings. As disappointing as it has been up to now to see ‘spineless’ pastors refuse to guide their congregations in Biblical voting, I believe these same pastors are now being given the opportunity to redress the situation and not only write to MPs now but to stand up and guide their congregations as we head for the 2019 elections. It’s time that PC is once and for all put aside in our churches, starting with church leaders!