Creative entrepreneurs, this is for you! — Kate Fitz-Gibbon

Deep conversations.

Creatives, entrepreneurs, forerunners who have a God Dream in your heart – I’m talking to you.

Come and Join the brand new creative hubs starting in March.

Do you feel like you have a dream God has given you but don’t know where to start?

Do you need a team around you but can’t afford to build one from scratch?

Do you need prophetic insight into what God is doing in your life right now so you know how to walk in step with Him to achieve the dream?

Breakthrough prophetic words.

Then you should definitely come join one of our meet-ups starting in March..

This is NOT going to be a networking event where everyone is there to promote their own brand. We are also not doing this to just have nice conversations, we want to see your God sized dream launched!

Here’s the plan:
Come with the heart to seek first the kingdom of God for this time and through your mandate, and be ready to speak life into someone else’s dream.. and then see what God does for yours.

The role of the faciltators will be to simply point out where we feel there is potential for a God-connection.


We had a trial run last week Saturday, and it was beyond what we could have hoped for. Each person was deeply ministered to prophetically and made heart to heart connections that were genuine. They also knew they were not alone in the battle to take new ground, and felt the positive push that if others were stepping out and risking, they could too.

The time is ripe for this to happen – we are faster, stronger and have more momentum when we collaborate, and no one should have to go through the pain of building alone.

The events going forward are for men and women.

Direct insight for you.

Whatever stage you are at.. if you just have a dream, if you have already started, or you’ve been running a while and ready to expand further.. Then this for you!

We’re starting by adding you to our list, so we can let you know what’s happening next.

So email me with your name and cellphone number to:


  1. Sharon Sandwell

    Hi Kate, I would love to come to your next meeting. Just what I need now in my life ?

  2. Hi Kate, I’d love to connect regarding the new creative hubs.

  3. Hi Kate, thank you so much for starting this. I would like to join you.