Dare to dream!

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If you ever met me you would know that I start sentences with the words “I had a dream”. Don’t laugh at me. I think I am peculiar to some but when you see my love and passion for hearing God’s voice you would want to understand what your dreams meant as well. Think of it this way. We have the whole day to talk to God when we are awake and in the night He can speak to us. So what are you hearing from God? 

Our spirits don’t sleep even though our physical bodies require rest. So are dreams for everyone. Yes, just ask the person closest to you if they can remember a dream. God is encountering people through dreams all across the world. Question is: “do you take your dream life seriously?”  

Before I could understand the meanings of my dreams I would just write them down. I would try to write my dream down after I woke up or straight after I had the dream. I filled books with dreams I did not understand. Soon God began giving me the interpretation to my dreams. It started out with me just writing down the dream. If you are not a writer how about using your phone as a recorder and just speak what you saw in your dream. I have done this a few times. I would come across the recording later and it would be the most profound dream at the time and of significance to me. 

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People often say to me that they are not dreamers. I ask them what have they done with what they have been given. The quantity of dreams you have will increase with the way you steward what is given to you. If you write your dreams down and seek the interpretation God will give you more dreams. I often hear people say they just don’t remember the dreams. Sometimes people don’t rest enough for their bodies to recharge. The body has different sleep phases. If you want a dream life you need rest and to get your body on a time schedule. Regularity in your sleep pattern will help in you remembering what you are experiencing at night. 
I have loved the story of Joseph for a long time. Joseph’s life purpose came through a dream. Through that understanding and knowing God speaks through dreams Joseph was able to help others with their dreams, eventually helping Pharaoh with a dream that would change world history. We have to believe that God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. That God is still able to release purpose and direction to us through dreams. 
Genesis 41 verse 25 — 

Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same. God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. “

Verse 32  — The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon.
God wants to include you in His plans for your life and dreams are a way partner with God in your relationship. Don’t brush off your dreams as silly or meaningless. The dream that you think is meaningless could be the most profound dream that unlocks something. What you value you attract. Try putting a book and pen next to your bed this week and before you sleep tell God you are listening. Then go to bed and expect to dream. 
To whet your appetite for the journey of valuing and understanding your dreams, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Context: Where your dream takes place is often the context of what its about.
  • Keep it simple: Reduce the dream to a simple form/theme/message.
  • Colours: Colours mean different things
  • Symbols/numbers: Very important to note (Biblical and personal meaning).
  • Creatively record: Writing/drawing/painting, etc. your dream out in prayer will release revelation.
  • Share: Sharing the dream with other carefully selected like-minded believers will release more revelation.
  • Practice: Skill is a part of dream interpretation, so practice and study to develop the fullness of your gift.
  • Character source: God’s dreams will always have part of His character in them.
  • Your own dream language: Important to get to know your own meaning attached to things/people/places as well as the spiritual meaning. God values your “language”.
  • Dream recall: Always can be developed. Blockages can be dealt with. Memory can be trained. Time, practice & prayer will increase it!
  • Image purity brings clarity: The cleaner your thought life/imagery is in the day, the clearer your dreams will be in the night.
  • Quantity: If you are faithful with what you are given and desire more, God will increase the quantity.
  • Sphere of influence and depth: Usually the kinds of dreams you have will reach as far as the direct sphere of influence God has given you. (ex. workplace, family, church, city, nation)
  • Prepare your heart before going to sleep. Take time to bring your heart to a peace filled state. Take time to pray and ask for dreams in the night. Posture your heart to EXPECT dreams to come.
  • Don’t discard your dream prematurely! Until you have put your dreams through the authenticity tests, keep them, value them, treasure them. Regardless of what your natural mind thinks of them, write them down and put the content through the sifter to see if there are any nuggets of gold hiding in them. You can learn something from all dreams. Feel free to discard the ones from evil sources.
  • JESUS of course is the centre of all we do. Keep Him as your greatest desire and walk through the process of dream interpretation as an interactive relationship builder with the Lord



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  2. Dear Shanon-Leigh, Thank you for such a clear helpful article. May we all dare to dream and hear what God is saying to us personally and as a Nation. That was great.

  3. This condradicts Matt.16:24.
    Self-denial. Paul says: I die daily (to myself….)