Dreaming with God in Europe — Lindy-Ann Hopley

I have just put foot back on South African soil — wow what a glorious adventure I have been on with the Lord for the past six weeks!

The things I have got to see are mind-blowing! Really, I think I understand why the angels and the elders are all going ballistic before the throne! There is always more! He is endlessly good!

I am glad you found us here for some Beautiful Witnesses — hope you are ready for a big dose of testimonies?!

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June 18 I was up and away : Cape Town to Frankfurt, Germany.

The tour started in the airplane!
Click on the “play” sign to watch! Great testimony!
Emmanuel — He is always with you!


First meeting was in Friederichsdorf at a small homegroup, but little did I know what the Lord would show me during my stay there.

The first night I had a vivid dream from the Lord. I was in what seemed like a colosseum. Standing on the surrounding walls were men with guns. They looked Middle Eastern. I was with a group of women who were lying on the stairs protecting their children. We lay expecting to be shot, but they released us. I ran in desperation and panic through what looked like a concentration camp, trying to protect this little girl I was carrying, and to save her mother’s life before it was too late — I already knew how she would die.

Anti-Semitism spirit
It was like a deja vu of something that had already taken place. The dream had lots of pieces to it and some of it very unsettling, which I won’t share here. But what I want to share is what the Lord showed me. I knew it was connected to the refugees, the murders and rapes that had drastically increased in Europe since the borders were opened. When I awoke God spoke to me : the anti-Semitism spirit that was in Germany before has been resurrected again. It was horrible. But I knew it was a serious time for Christians in Europe to rise up and preach the Gospel like never before!

Here I was — my first night of a six-week tour in Europe — to bring whatever God asks to the people — and God shows me this: It is time for an AWAKENING!

First weekend was in Hanau for their Supernatural School Conference.

Three days, one speaker — me! A young South African. It was crazy and cool, all at the same time. Mighty things were taking place! Holy Spirit came!

I took the group of students and others that joined the conference onto the streets! For some daunting, for others simply what they have been waiting to discover all their lives — Christ in them!

This is where it became really fun. We were going to start after lunch, but the people were so hungry to see the Kingdom come, they left the lunch table to pray for people! It was just great!

In a big group we gathered on the square and sang “Amazing Grace”. It changed the atmosphere! People stopped and listened. The singing followed on with some preaching and then the whole team heading out and asking people if they needed prayer for anything.

So many were saved and healed it was glorious!
One girl asked me if it was ok that she pray for the sick as she was a very young Christian. The moment I gave her the green light she was like a tornado of God’s love praying for people in wheelchairs and so on! Many were healed by this “newbie”. Often it’s our old mindsets and old wineskins blocking us — step out and let God!

Watch us live on the streets.

When I saw a man who could not walk before get prayed for by a girl who was newly saved and had just been activated during the training — and then getting out of his wheelchair — well that is a hallelujah moment right there!

At the Sunday service we saw a whole row of people give their lives to Jesus — many in tears!

From Hanau I spent some time with friends in Oberulsel and spoke at two homegroups there.

Then off to another packed weekend of preaching and ministering out on the streets at “Love for Jesus” in Munich!

God gave me a dream about this church before I arrived. A healthy family eating together. Upon arrival to find out from the leader “it’s like a hospital here at the moment”. God gave me an assignment to bring healing and reconciliation — not just to the body, but also for the heart and soul.

Friday night preached, Saturday again and outreach! This was awesome! BMW World got wrecked by Jesus. We sang and we shared. People got saved and received miracles right there!!! Jesus!

We also saw deaf ears opened and this lady below had tinnitus for 10 years. But God! Must watch!

You need healing in your ears! Chieck your ears after watching this! This same good Father loves you and paid for your healing!

I headed from there to a spontaneous last-minute house meeting in Frasdorf, Germany. Eighty people showed up and the meeting had to be moved to the garden under a big tree!

It was nothing but glorious!
We started at 7pm and got to bed around 3am!

There was a lady named Pamela who had an accident nine years ago, but God healed her in an instant! It was her first experience of a meeting like this! She was baptised in the Holy Spirit that night and was so impacted she joined my Love Lourdes Team a week later!

Time of rest and fun followed as I headed to Switzerland for spiritual daughter’s wedding.

And from there it was to Ludwigsburg!

When we arrived we saw huge posters on the lampposts promoting the event!

We went live on Sunday morning and right at the end a totally disabled lady bolted right out of her wheelchair!
This was a mouth-hang-open moment! Catch it on my wall.

Love Lourdes 2018!!!
The Highlight of the tour!

Promo Clip!

We were 10 people just as I dreamed we would be! And it was awesome!!!

My favourite testimony :

The church all over the world is AWAKENING!
No matter what your denomination, no matter what your background, your colour, your bank statement says, your current dilemmas — there is a giant about to awake — sleeping beauty! Arise & Shine!

The world awaits you!

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From there I went to Spain and ministered at a Nigerian church.

Praise the Lord I am home!
Good place to be with family and friends.
A time to be a dream with God about the next adventures!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the amazing things to come!
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I would love to pray for you!
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Lots of Love & Fire

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  1. Carol Campbell

    Lindy-Ann is phenomenally awesome! She genuinely carries the mantle of an Evangelist and the compassion of Jesus. Don’t miss seeing her near you, or invite her! Revival will break out!