Faith in action for education

It seems that there is much faith in Nelson Mandela Bay for giving disadvantaged youngsters a headstart in education. This week we report on a township school that was started in faith before a classroom was available and the generous donors who are supporting this worthy project. Three weeks ago we reported on a container school that was started by faith. Appropriately our latest Quote of the Week homes in on faith in action!

In his regular update Family Policy Insitute President Errol Naidoo urges Christians to take action to stop human trafficking for prostitution.

Regular Gateway News readers will remember our recent heartwarming stories about the groom who finally got his bride after 20 years of proposing and the honeymoon blessing that followed. Now you can read about the honeymoon!

On the local events front we have good news for PE worshippers about a cutting edge prophetic worship tour that hits the city next week.

We also launched our “Spread The News” promotion in which you can help us to get Christian News to more people and stand a chance to win the new Leaving Eden CD by top Christian singer/songwriter Brandon Heath.

Blessings, Andre

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