Five waves of prayer planned to realign Church with Jesus Christ

We have republished this story from January to mark the start of the 5 WEEKS OF PRAYER campaign this week

Prayer network leaders who met in East London last September to seek God’s strategy for prayer in 2019 — an election year — were surprised to discover He was more concerned about the state of the Church than the state of society.

“In an impression received [at the September gathering] it was felt that we, the Church and the nation of South Africa have built on and trusted in other rocks than Jesus Christ.

“Instead of fully trusting on and relying on the Lord (Ps 18:2), we have moved away from Him and we have trusted in alternative ‘rocks’ that this world endorses,” says Intercessors For South Africa (IFSA), in a booklet outlining its “Return To Me” prayer strategy of five weeks of focused prayer for the Church of South Africa from February 25 to April 8.

“In the vision received, five waves of prayer swept the land, each wave with the purpose of destroying one of five false rocks that we trust in, as individuals, the church and the nation at large. We sensed that our focus must be to establish the Kingdom truths that return us to right alignment with Jesus Christ, the immovable eternal rock, as we repent of our sinful and idolatrous hearts that found confidence in counterfeit and defective constructs,” says IFSA.

The five false rocks, which will be the focus of the “Return to Me!” prayer initiative, are:

1. Trusting in flesh / self i.e. our own abilities, desires, lusts/pleasures, strength, wisdom, identity, opinion etc. (Prov 3:5, Jer 17:5, 2 Cor 1:9)
2. Trusting in princes i.e. leaders, politicians, influential people (Ps 118:9, Ps 146:3, Is 36:5, Jer 46:25)
3. Trusting in wealth / riches i.e. all forms of greed, desire for money (Ps 49:6, Mark 10:24, 1 Tim 6:17)
4. Trusting in false gods / falsehood. This includes: false Christianity, changing the truth to suit us, false systems of worship/religion, idolatry, philosophies etc. (Is 42:17, Is 59:4, Jer 7:4)
5. Trusting in horses and chariots i.e. worldly systems such as political parties, government, government structures, judicial systems, cultural systems, United Nations etc. (Ps 20:7, Is 31:1).

“Our Heavenly Father is focussed on the Holy nation (1 Pet 2:9) within the nation that does not stand before God with clean hands or pure hearts (Ps 24:4) and consequently our prayers have been unable to release the blessing and transformative power we so desperately need (Jam 5:16),” says IFSA

Information on how to participate in the campaign — individually, or in prayer groups, prayer networks, or congregations — is available by emailing IFSA at or by visiting or Facebook: Intercessors For South Africa.


  1. Peter McGregor

    I am truly grateful for this article and it is about time that the believers in this country started to repent of their foolish ways and to take the word of GOD VERY seriously. I am so sorry that I have to put it this way, but there is no other way to describe the falseness of our society.
    In HIS Name; a Brother.

  2. Unless we continue in the “Ezra” Reformation of the Church and churches, towards the principles and fruit of the Congregation of Acts, – Christian SA would most probably not be able to comply with the principles of 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  3. It was Graham Power who spoke of waves, waves of prayer and even a Tsunami. Every initiative like this is Gods invitation to us as believers in SA to take hands and seek His face. Seek Him for a Nation to be changed and built on Godly foundations. Now more than ever let us seek Him and agree with one another. Thank you for this, for listening to what God is saying to us…….not the world, not politics, but God.

  4. Barbara Wayman

    High time ! Let’s hear, listen, repent and obey the Lord alone.

  5. We are aligned to this world and its systems. We are too intertwined with it. Satan is the god of this world. Forget about referring to “the nation”. Those 5 points are to be concentrated on, I agree. Keep praying that justice will prevail.

  6. Mrs Jill Stoll

    Firstly I believe Nations are very important to God. As we all live in a nation we should be concerned about the state of our nation. If we want a nation built on Godly foundations we need Godly people to stand, hear from Him and get busy with what God says to do. SA needs Godly people in politics for they are the only ones who would work towards a country that would honour God. Now in 1994 the ACDP was founded and became a Christian political party. They have stood in the gap for the church but compromising people have not appreciated their work nor supported them with their vote. They are fighting a huge battle on our behalf but complacent people just don’t get the message. Christians who vote for parties that do not honour God are making “useless treaties with Egypt”. We are to honour God in every sphere of our lives and that includes govt.
    The Lord says; “return by the way you left”. How did we leave? By wanting a king like the other nations. So to return we must put Godly men and women into power so that our nation may be able to turn back to Almighty God and in the true unity of Jesus Christ we may receive His commanded blessing. Will you hear? Will you understand? Will you put your cross at the cross? Will you help to save our nation and its people?