Fools for Christ

Dear Friend

Mark Gungor

With our weekly newsletter going out on a date like this you would expect us to tell you that Colonel Gaddafi has been awarded political asylum in South Africa and will be staying in the Radisson Blu Hotel in PE . Instead, we have decided to ask the question: “What does it mean to you to be a fool for Christ?” We will be adding to the article through the day as we get replies from various people we have approached. Meanwhile, we would love to hear your response to the question. Let us know by replying to the article

Our most-read article this week, was a call by the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, for Christians to defend the true Gospel. He was talking in Port Elizabeth.

Mark Gungor, of Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage fame will be speaking in East London and Port Elizabeth in June. He is living proof that laughter is the best medicine for relationships.

We love publishing stories about faith in action. Read Andrew Petersen’s story of faith,hope and perseverance

And fianlly, we are pleased to announce that Sue Paterson, Anna Heydenrich and Paul Hendricks have each won a Brandon Heath, Leaving Eden CD in our “Spread The News Promotion”.

Blessings, Andre

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