From orphans to Muslim chief, Gospel touches many during Malawi mission

A crusade evening at Salima, Malawi, led by a team from Kingdom Revival Arica

Amanda le Roux reports on a recent mission in Malawi where a Kingdom Revival Africa ministry team from South Africa, Zambia and Malawi got to pray with senior government leaders, to minister to pastors, orphans, schoolchildren and to lead a powerful, 3-day Gospel crusade

Evangelist Juan van Tonder together with Pastor Amanda le Roux, Brother Patrick Black, and sisters Celia Goosen and Cecelia Rossouw embarked on a evangelistic journey to Salima, Malawi where they met up with Prophetess Naomi Sheneberger (Zambia), Pastor Nasreen Asher and Pastor Stainford Kabango the crusade director from Malawi.

As Kingdom Revival Africa Team we arrived in Lilongwe on November 9 where we experienced the warm heart of Malawi first hand.

We were welcomed by Honourable MP Mr JK Phiri as VIP guests to Malawi, While his assistant sorted all our paperwork he prayed a powerful prayer and released us to minister as Holy Spirit led in Salima.

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From the airport we visited the Nkhalamba village where our crusade director was born and grew up. As we moved through the village to the big tree where we would gather we were welcomed by children and elderly people with joyful songs. “Poor” got a total new meaning as we saw how the village people live with the bare minimum. Yet, what struck us more than the visible poverty was their hunger for the Gospel of the Kingdom of God! Many received Jesus Christ as their Saviour and many healings took place in this village.

Ministry at Nkhalamba village

We had strategic meetings with the Minister of Health and the Vice-Minister of Agriculture and her board of directors. Every one of the leaders welcomed us with open arms. We had a wonderful opportunity to listen to the challenges they face, and learned about new developments.

The meetings ended in a strategic prayer session, and Naomi Sheneberger had the opportunity to release a prophetic word she received for the nation of Malawi. Both the ministers released us to minister as Holy Spirit led in Salima and invited us back to Malawi whenever God speaks to us.

Our hearts were filled with deep expectation as we could sense the deep longing for the land to be delivered from the bondage of generational poverty and hardship. We saw the hard labour of small farmers as they prepared the soil for the planting season that will accompany the first rains in November. Malawians are hardworking people and the time has come for them to rise up in there God-given purpose as the Kingdom of God enters every village, home and heart.

We arrived in Salima in the late afternoon. Our first stop was at the crusade grounds to see where we would host the three-night crusade. We were pleasantly surprised with the lovely place that God had provided. We had prayed for weeks in preparation for the crusade and outreach to different schools and orphanages – and now we could finally fulfil our mission.

The first morning of our outreach in Salima we had an appointment with the district commander who also blessed and released us to minister as Holy Spirit led. We had a short meeting with the Salima leadership and prayed with them before we set off to visit schools that were waiting to hear the Good News!

The outreach at the first school started with an encounter where a group of witchdoctors came running towards us while we gathered under a big tree with about 150 children and teachers. Evangelist Juan responded by running towards the witchdoctors and rebuking the evil spirits keeping people in bondage.

We had to calm the children down as they were scared and wanted to run away. God stepped in, the witchdoctors looked confused and turned and ran away. Needless to say that most of the children responded to the messages brought by Celia and gave their hearts to Jesus.

One after the other schools opened their hearts to us and many more children received Jesus. What touched our hearts was the loving and thankful way that all the headmasters and teachers received us. Holy Spirit worked wonders everywhere we went to minister. People in Malawi are open to the Gospel and we can truly say the harvest is ripe and ready

One of our special visits was to a village with about 57 orphans. We thought it would be good to minister to the orphans but the entire village ended up listening to the message of the Gospel and hundreds received Jesus. Even the Muslim chief prayed the salvation prayer from his heart!

Some of our team members returned to the village later to feed the orphans and give them gift packs with washing powder and soap, seeing that they have to wash there own cloths. 150 children came for food, which highlighted the extremely poor conditions in which children grow up.

On Friday evening, November 12, we had the first crusade night. Evangelist Juan preached a short, powerful word and about 300 people responded to the altar call. Miracles started to happen although the spiritual atmosphere was still very hard.

Naomi Sheneberger prays for healing

Day two of the crusade kicked off with a half-day pastors summit where Amanda and Naomi ministered. Holy Spirit moved on the hearts of more than 200 pastors. That evening we could feel an atmosphere shift and hundreds more people gave their hearts to Jesus, many healings and miracles started to break out and many more were delivered from evil spirits.

On Sunday morning, day three of the crusade, the team ministered at different churches in the region and at the crusade grounds. More souls were swept into the Kingdom of God and lives were touched. We rented a bus to take all the new converts that wished to be baptised in Lake Malawi to the baptism site where Evangelist Juan, Amanda and Naomi baptised about 30 people!

On the last evening at the crusade grounds Ev Juan preached on the baptism of Holy Spirit. Phenomenal healings and miracles took place. One of the team members prayed for a lady with a cancerous growth in her neck and it fell off. A little girl with a bent-in hand got touched and her hand opened and was healed. Many demonised people were delivered. Then the Lord blessed us with soft, dew-like rain that was followed by a mighty rushing wind and heavier rainl! What a wonderful sign of the outpouring of Holy Spirit. People got baptised in the Holy Spirit all over the place and holy pandemonium broke out. Salima will never be the same again!

What stood out to us as a team was the hundreds of children that attended the crusade. It is as if there is an entire generation missing in the community.

Pastor Amanda le Roux will return to Malawi in January 2022 to activate a church growth and discipleship course for pastors. She will also visit Salima to follow up on new converts to make sure that each person is planted in a church. She is also partnering with the Chigombe Orphanage Centre to support them by providing resources to help with the educational needs of the children as well as their day-to-day needs.

The ministry team, from the left, Juan van Tonder, Amanda le Roux, Naomi Sheneberger, Pat Black, Stainford Kabango, Nasreen Asher, Cecelia Rossouw and Celia Goosen

While we were in Salima we had a meeting with pastors to discuss the next two crusades that will be in Blantyre and Nkhata Bay in June/July 2022.

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Jesus Himself said that the harvest is ripe and the labourers are few, so pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more labourers. Together we will share in the harvest.

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  1. My friend Juan – Whom I have been on 30 days mission trip in Malawi was the evangelist in this mission outreach. Praise God. I am so glad for what God had done in Malawi. Glory to God…

    Thank you GateWay News for having covered this story to the glory of God’s kingdom.

  2. What wonderful, exciting and encouraging news. Bless you all and thank you to our heavenly Father.
    When you read about what God is doing through faithful ministers, it can only stir your heart and strengthen your faith.
    What a blessing!!!