God is moving in March — Kate Fitz-Gibbon


“Get ready to receive your marching orders in March” — Doug Addison.

“It’s time to launch and upgrade.” — Ryan Le Strange

“March is going to be momentous for what He is doing in you, through you and for you! What God is setting up and doing in March is setting compasses in the right direction toward your destiny.” — Lana Vawser

“March is the month of stepping up and stepping in.” — Me

These were some of the prophetic headlines for March, showing that March is definitely a month that marked something new and different that God is doing. Have you felt a shift and seen any changes happening in your life this month?

God moves in subtle and obvious ways
To see and know what God is doing you need to put on a different pair of lenses, because He works in weird and wonderful ways, and sometimes its just weird.

God has been moving in both subtle and obvious ways, and there is something to be excited about in all His ways. I don’t want you to miss anything He did for you, through you or with you this month.

Sometimes we shrug something off because it seems insignificant and actually it was monumental in the big picture. Sometimes we expect that when God says He is doing something huge that it will look like the Red Sea parting, and actually it’s less obvious than that but it means more. Other times the Red Sea does part and that is super cool!

Divine conversations
So far, for me,  this month has been a series of divine conversations and meet-ups which have been totally mind blowing.

I have been carrying some ridiculous dreams and ideas for years now, and to pull them off will take an act of God. So I sit down in these meetings, and the person will start talking about a part of that dream. Their part and my part fit together like mint green and coral (which is very well, by the way).

On and on this goes with total strangers and people who have not been on my radar. One by one, these dreams get a heart beat in this reality. This is huge. Nothing major has physically happened yet, and the dream has not been fulfilled but there is a starting block that was never there before.

When God says its going to be monumental, it doesn’t necessarily mean that in March you’ll be given the land to build that eco dam you’ve been dreaming of. But you may meet the person who will introduce you to the organisation who sponsors that land for you, and connects you to international companies who want to work with you to save the pond creatures who like dams just like the one you built.

When you meet that person this month you may have no idea that they are the one who carries that opportunity for you. They may not know it either but God knows, and that’s why He tells His prophets to say: “Tell them March is a massive month! Big things are coming into alignment.”

From where God is sitting, He can see that the first step of you guys meeting is attached to the rest of this huge destiny unfolding. There is no separation in His mind because He knows how it is all going to work out.
There has to be a measure of trust and enjoying the mystery of it all. Everything starts somewhere.

Signs from God
God also loves to drop hints along the way. So maybe you are not having divine conversations, and nobody is partnering with you on your dreams yet, but there are little signs along the way that God is placing for you to stop and notice.

Signs that are Him saying: “I went before you, I’ve planned this road for you full of surprises.”

Maybe you see double numbers everywhere? Or one particular number? Maybe you keep seeing the same colour everywhere?

Maybe there is one scripture you just can’t get out of your head. Perhaps you have a butterfly that landed on your salad? All these things could be a sign that God is weaving a story together and He is on the move in your life.

It could be His way of giving you a wink, like: “I’ve got your back. I know your heart.”

All this could be a sign that big things are coming. If He’s promised you big things, then you can be sure they will come in time. In the meantime, enjoy the first signs of Spring.

Shifts inside
The other thing to take note of at the moment is the things God is shifting inside you. This can be so big! There are things that God wants to heal and set you free of once and for all.

Maybe you have had lots of fear, stress or anxiety. Maybe you feel rejected, unloved, misunderstood. Maybe you fight with your mom, or sibling or friend, and you wish the situation would just change.

Maybe this particular issue seems like it’s in your face at the moment. That’s a good thing, because it means that the Holy Spirit is bringing it to the top of your mind because He wants to heal it.

The way your life may change once that thing is healed, could open up doors of destiny that you never imagined because you couldn’t see past the hurt and the pain before. Embrace the change, let Him show you the hard stuff because it will lead to your upgrade.

Significant moments
Let me close by saying this. God’s ways are not our ways. We don’t always see the “butterfly effect” of what one small moment in a day could mean for our destiny. One small moment of surrender. One tiny step of bravery. Moving one bit closer to your dream.

A small moment of bravery came this past weekend when we were ministering in Bokisi, and God said to me: “Don’t even check your notes, tell your story.”

I spoke about being a young minister who is called to say the hard things and break strongholds, how I tried to fit in for years so that the church would accept me, but the more I tried the less I was being true to the call. By saying this, it cracked open the way for my dad to lead the fathers and mothers in that church to pray a blessing over the young people, and young people got to pray over the mothers and fathers.

It was a significant moment because the young people needed to know they had a voice and were acknowledged by the older generation.

The healing that came from this moment was life changing. One tiny step of bravery. One tiny act of obedience, and God made it significant.

March is about stepping up and out, a tiny step for you, one giant leap in the great picture of your destiny.

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Bokisi — a father is moved to pray for young boys.

It’s time to run
It’s time to speak
Let go of your fear.
You need to go.
God is a new experience for you
He is the author of your story
A new chapter of bravery is starting
Let it start
Let it grow
You are a flow
Become. Move. Live.


  1. Dear Kate, You have captured something of the heart of the Father and everything inside me says yes. Something so profound is stirring, i wish i had the words. But God is speaking, raising up His people, the young and the old, for it is NOW. Bless you.

    • Thanks Jane that’s exciting to hear :) totally feel what you saying, stirrings are happening at deep levels of destiny, totally feels like there aren’t enough words to describe it because words fall so short and there’s this big undefined space He’s filling and we going into and everything is pulling towards it. To see it burst into reality :)