God moving sovereignly among PE’s poorest children since citywide mission

Young children and teenagers at Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth have been experiencing a deep touch of God including a supernatural conviction of sin.

[notice]Margita Marx of the Kleinskool Initiative in one of Port Elizabeth’s poorest areas writes about what God is doing among children there since the citywide Switched On mission in August. Her desire is for strong prayer backing at this sensitive time. [/notice] msovereignly

On Friday, August 21 [during the Switched On mission week] a children’s bash was held at the Jesus is Lord Ministries hall in Kleinskool. Various stakeholders in this area planned and prayed for this event. On our flyers we advertised: “Come join us for a joyous event with praise and worship, items, cupcakes, and a message from God”.
We planned for 400 children and energetic ladies from Kraggakamma DR Church started baking beautifully decorated colourful cupcakes!

On Friday morning I counted about 360 cupcakes and I thought “OK, God is going to send 360 children. That is easier to handle. Perhaps I am a little ambitious”. At 15:00 the children started to arrive. They came in and more came in. Extra chairs had to be put out as they poured in. So many came that some had to stand or lean against the walls. We stopped counting when we neared 600.

I knew they came for the cupcakes and I knew we did not have enough. I planned to cut some cupcakes in half for the little ones, but my friend and assistant said: “We pray!”

There were enough cupcakes. Where they came from, I don’t know. Perhaps someone brought more to the hall but I did not see it. Every child got a cup cake and we had 300 left over!

Avontuurweek – October holiday
During the holiday week we organised a holiday club (Avontuurweek). Again Kraggakamma donated the bulk of the food. This time we thought we would prepare for 500. The metropole prayer warriors were encouraged by Joan keeling to pray for this event

Kleinskool children worshiping God during Avontuurweek last week.

Well this time 360 arrived! We had an abundance food to give every child double portions! I do not know how a revival normally happens. But here in Kleinskool amongst God’s humblest children, some who came in tattered clothes with runny noses, something happened on the Wednesday. There was a supernatural conviction of sin. A 10-year-old boy was crying in my lap and during the past weekend I still had older boys (young men) pleading with me to rid them from the clutches of drug abuse (Tik). The children, teens, and young adults wrote all the horrible things they had done in their lives on a piece of paper. They burnt it in a fire where they were prayed for. They then preceded to a wooden cross where our young teenage leaders again spoke about God’s unconditional love and His ultimate sacrifice. Finally each child had his hands washed by their leaders symbolising that their sins are forgiven.
The strange thing was that the messages were nothing out of the ordinary. Wednesday was not even planned in this way. It just happened and we looked on in awe.

A few remarks from teenagers:
1 I feel so free and happy!
2 This is the best day of my life!
3 This was so deep!
4 For the first time I now know that God really forgave me.
5 My boys were struggling with the writing and I had to help them. It is not easy to be involved because now I really have to pray for them day and night.

However, the enemy is not happy. The organisers and leaders have been under severe attack. My prayer is that God will cover every child, leader and adult with His blood and for the children not to give him an inch of an opening. This prayer cannot stop. We will carry on with Friday afternoon children’s church and Wednesday teen teaching. We, as do all the Switched On events follow ups, now need serious strong prayer. The opening was made during the Switched On week but we now need to keep on working, keep organising events, programmes, counselling sessions and we need to pray even more.

As my beautiful leader (boy) said: “It is not easy to be so involved because now we need to pray more – day and night”.


  1. so grateful to our precious Jesus !! More Lord, more !!

  2. I am so glad to hear this news! As one who is working with children in Motherwell and Greenbushes, this is a huge encouragement. God bless, use and keep you all.