Great gratitude at Douglas rain thanksgiving event, says Angus Buchan

Evangelist Angus Buchan engaging with some of the people who attended an event at Douglas in the Northern Cape last week to thank God for answering their prayers for rain

“This was not a case like in the Bible when Jesus said: ‘I prayed for 10 and only one came back to say thank you. Where are the other 9?'” said evangelist Angus Buchan of a service he led in Douglas in the Northern Cape last Thursday to thank God for answering prayers for rain.

“In this case we must have had 20 times the crowd that was praying for the rain [in October last year] who came to give thanks. And such a wonderful cross section of society, which was so beautiful,” he said.

Describing the day Buchan said that as in the case of his recent prayer day for rain at the Kouga Dam in the Eastern Cape, it seemed like the devil did his best to prevent him from going by delaying his flight to the prayer venue. He said the private plane that was booked to take him to the event could not pick him up at Greytown because of heavy mist. Eventually, on his fourth attempt the pilot managed to land.

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He said when they reached their destination at Douglas he thought they had come to the wrong place. Six months previously he had led a prayer meeting there in the midst of dust, veld fire damage, wind and heat; afterwards he commended the people for their steely grit and “vasbyt” for standing in prayer despite the harsh conditions.

Angus Buchan addresses farmers amidst heat and dust at a prayer meeting in the Northern Cape in October last year

“When we came into Douglas [last Thursday] it looked like a land of milk and honey. It was green, the dams were full, the rivers were flowing, the grass was knee-high and higher,” he said.

“It was absolutely amazing and we had a multitude — as big as the crowd at Kouga. The people were so thankful to the Lord for what he had done. Remember, there were farms there that hadn’t had rain for seven years. It was absolutely beautiful everywhere.”

Buchan said everybody responded to an altar call he made and a 94-year-old man who recommitted his life to Christ at the October prayer meeting for rain was brought to the front.

“I prayed for him. He was rejoicing — remember he’s the man who was praying for rain when we could not see anything but fire and dust. The Lord has been so kind to us. We give him all the honour, all the glory and all the praise for his faithfulness,” he said.

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One Comment

  1. We are so grateful that Angus, with his busy schedule, took time to visit Douglas once again to give thanks for the GOD given rains after so many years of drought. We give thanks that so many people attended this thanksgiving, and we pray that this area will be blessed with years of abundance. We must never forget where these blessings emanate, and continue keeping our faith in the Source of blessings. SHALOM