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[notice]Michelle Moss writes about her visit to the recently opened Seed of Life Prophetic Arts Studio and Restoration Well in Port Elizabeth where she spoke to Lesley Lee about her unique ministry. [/notice]

Woman at the Well

Experience a unique style of inspired teaching in which God’s love is revealed and wholeness is restored at Seed of Life Prophetic Arts Studio and Restoration Well at 244 Circular Drive. It is a healing facility serving the community and churches. People of all ages, cultures and denominations are invited to attend life skills seminars and workshops in a relaxed, non-threatening environment.

Courses are run by well-travelled Lesley Lee who has done years of itinerant ministry, preaching, and teaching on invitation. Lesley’s own personal journey led her to use the arts as a healing tool. Her ministry journey has been one of being restored and knowing God’s unconditional love – something which she observes that many people don’t experience. Her aim is to help others have this blessed experience.

Lesley Lee

Prophetic art is taking a picture of what you see in scripture, linking it with the word of our testimony and creating a work of art, she explains. “We’ve been created in such a way that a child responds to what he sees and touches – so the brain forms pictures which create either a sense of peace or of fear. Then we learn words. The brain stores words in picture form, by using pictures.” Prophecy (from a restoration point of view) speaks to ‘who God is in us’ and encourages us.

The studio has a relaxed informal atmosphere, and through  small group workshops, people are enabled to become ‘creative encouragers’ by learning how to link scripture, prophecy and their life stories, with writing poetry and doing inspirational painting. These works become reminders of God’s power and goodness, and can commemorate milestones in our spiritual life,” says Lesley. Works will be displayed and used as tools of testimony and encouragement.

Other seminars which Lesley offers as part of the Restoration Well include “Learning to Live Loved” which equips people to know their God-given value, and experience being rooted in God’s love. Values determine lifestyles and choices and by understanding what it means to live ‘in Christ,’ participants close rejection doors, deal with low self-esteem, renew their minds and learn life skills such as how to overcome addictions and depression.

Community impact
People will be equipped to make wise choices that will change destructive lifestyle patterns, says Lesley. “Changed thinking changes actions which changes communities.” Perspective changes when people know they are unconditionally loved. There will also be talks on life issues, abuse, grief, abortion, HIVaids etc., given by qualified persons, linking people with resources in the community.

Lesley also runs a class called “The Unique You,” “a makeover that lasts” which is a specialised ladies’ grooming teaching that deals with addressing inner to outer beauty. Subjects include true significance, communication skills, gender relationships, body shape, colour, clothing style and movement.

God speaks through Lesley’s paintings to encourage people and Lesley’s prophetic paintings have been displayed in London. I have selected two of her many works to illustrate their qualities.  ‘Woman at the Well’  recalls the words of Jesus to the Samaritan woman when he said :“Out of our innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” This painting depicts the finger of God pointing towards a bowed woman. The gold and purple represent divinity and royalty, the breath of the Holy Spirit and angelic beings; the blue ribbons, the continual flowing of the River of Life. In John 4:10 Jesus said to the woman: “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”

The second painting, ‘Hidden in the rock’ depicts a flowing of oil and water pouring down from heaven, God’s life giving Spirit surrounding a figure of a man hidden in a rock whilst the figure of Jesus looks lovingly on. Jesus is depicted as our refuge, security and protection. The colours and shapes represent the breast and breath of God.  Psalm 91: vs 1-2 ‘He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall rest under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of Jehovah, my refuge and my fortress; my God; in him I trust.’

God is a creative God and we’re created in his image so everyone has an element of creativity and can take part in the prophetic art workshops, says Lesley. No previous art experience is necessary in order to participate in her courses. To book call Lesley on 082 894 0949, email her or visit her website

Hidden in the Rock



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  1. As a prophetic and dramatic life artist I would appreciate it, if you could contact me per email, pertaining to a problem I am experiencing with lack of support with my art work in Pretoria. Thank you.