His Hands and Feet Africa demonstrating Kingdom by uplifting pupils

Colleen Glen Primary School pupils display their Easter hearts.

Grade 4 to 9 pupils at the Colleen Glen Primary School in Port Elizabeth will celebrate Easter differently this year after they received sewed hearts with a scripture inside. These hearts, made by ladies in the community (Harvest, Colleen Glen), is just one of a number of an array of  innovative projects run by His Hands and Feet Africa ministry at the school.

“Our vision is to uplift and encourage pupils in underprivileged areas by involvement in their schools. We want to demonstrate the Kingdom of God through biblical teaching, practical aid and discipleship which will ultimately impact the whole community,” says Lizelle Botha, founder member of His Hands and Feet Africa.

A letter from a thankful pupil. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

“And we would like to duplicate what we are doing in Colleen Glen Primary School and take it to other schools,” she says.

The ministry started in 2010 when Lizelle had a vison to start a Mothers Who Care group at the school — just 100 metres from her Colleen Glen home. Instead, she was given access to meet with all the children on a weekly basis through small groups. This evolved into other projects and the NGO His Hands and Feet Africa came about:

Farming God’s way
One of the ministry’s big projects, run by David Wotherspoon, is the Farming God’s Way training.

“Last year we planted six well-watered gardens with maize and beans. The harvest was given to the school, providing meals for the children and for fundraising.  Part of our vision is to develop Colleen Glen School as our main training ground for Farming God’s Way in schools. So we are currently having discussions with different schools in the Western areas of Port Elizabeth to do the training,” says Lizelle.

One of six maize and bean gardens planted in the Farming God’s Way project.

 Other projects
Another project is the You are a God Idea curriculum for Grade 7 and 8 girls which is part of God Idea Productions.

“The girls finished the first half of the workbook in Grade 7 and we are now doing the second part in grade 8,” says Lizelle.

“We also do sewing and craft with the Grade 9 girls. Last year we had a lot of fun making loom bands,” she says.

“The kids can’t wait to see the volunteers weekly and we get met at our cars outside and escorted into the school. Even the mothers that cook the food for the kids at the school ask if they can also join us when we teach our Bible lessons.  What a privilege to be able to bring the Good news of Jesus to these precious children, teachers and parents,” says Lizelle.

2014 projects
During 2014 an internationally acclaimed child abuse prevention and personal safety program was presented to the pupils. And a volunteer nursing sister visited the school and had discussions with the girls.

“For the vision to expand to other schools, we need more volunteers. One of our volunteers will be reaching out to a small school in Veeplaas, but we are willing to get involved in any school, primary or secondary,” says Lizelle.

His Hands and Feet Africa is also the umbrella for the HIV/AIDS and Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Programme called Whitney’s Kiss.

For more information about His Hands and Feet Africa, visit www.hishandsandfeet.co.za  or contact Lizelle at 041 372 2384/ 081 270 1491, e-mail info@hishandsandfeet.co.za

A nursing sister visits the school.



  1. So good to hear about dedicated Christians who are making such an impact, giving unselfishly of their time. They will be rewarded with crowns in Heaven

  2. Your reward will be the words,”Well done my good and faithful servants,enter into your rest”