Honeymoon blessing exceeds expectations

John and Kathy Klopper, whose wedding story touched the hearts of Gateway News readers, are feeling truly blessed after their recent wonderful sponsored honeymoon weekend at Port St Francis.

“It was glorious! Now I feel properly married,” said Kathy after their luxury getaway, that included a stay in the Port Hotel, a honeymoon photo shoot, a hair and cosmetic makeover for Kathy, delicious meals at local restaurants and time spent exploring the charming port and private beach.

Kathy said they were nervous before the weekend because they did not know how people would react to them. But they were amazed at the friendliness and kindness they encountered throughout their stay. They said Erich and Rene and their staff  at the hotel had gone out of their way to make them feel welcome and were always there to help them get Kathy’s wheelchair across some steps. “The restaurants were also amazingingly welcoming. They treated us just like any other paying customers,” said Kathy.

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She said that after her hair and makeup treatment she felt beautiful for the first time in years. Kathy also enjoyed her first swim in years.

Kathy and John thank the following people who helped to make their honeymoon so special:
Sanette and Etienne Oosthuizen for the stay in their hotel apartment; Erich at the Port, Jules at the Chokka Block, the Porthole Restaurant, and Fish and Cheaps for meals; Erna Look Photography for the photo shoot; Calliandra Curran for the hair and makeup treatment; and the Storehouse New Covenant Church and drivers Matt and Stuart for the transport to and from Port St Francis.


  1. Beautiful story- I am so happy that Kathy and John had such a great honeymoon. They deserved it. And Kathy really looks radiant.

  2. wow! It shows that love can make a way!!

  3. Allan Verreynne

    OIh yeah! So glad you guys enjoyed the stay! I got excited on your behalf! God bless you! Allan