Hope balloons: photo gallery

We catch up with the Message of Hope project

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Last week we reported on a prayer initiative that included the release of a mass of helium-filled balloons with messages of hope destined to encourage people in East London. You can click on the image above for a visual record of the big balloon lift off.

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Event coordinator, Pastor Robbie Black, who sent us the photos, said: “Our hearts were really touched on Saturday (October 27) as we stood on the open field with our message balloons in hand.

“Then the count down and release, it was truly a WOW moment when the balloons were released as a prophetic act of the release of Gods favour, grace and reign!  I believe that every one present will remember this day. We realised anew, we have the answer and solution to the turmoil we find ourselves in as a country. Jesus our hope and our future !!

“We still pray that the message of hope will reach the right persons, even if it makes an impact in only one person’s life, the initiative would have been worthwhile!”

He continued: ” We believe with all our hearts that the effect of this prayer initiative will be experienced; after all it is faith that pleases God!  I see in my spirit eye the ripple effect and feel the aftershock of Saturday’s point of impact.”

He thanked the balloon and helium sponsors, the people who helped prepare the balloons and who attended the event, the Christian leaders who led prayers before the balloons were released, and the representatives of different social services who attended.

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