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Middle East mission

About INcontext Ministries
INcontext Ministries provides a contemporary and contextual view on global events, trends, hotspots and a church in transit. With countless visits to the Arab world, Asia, South East Asia, Africa and the Gulf region, all information provided is shaped by the perspectives of local leaders and missionaries operating on the ground in these regions. INcontext founder, Mike Burnard, uses his 30 years of experience working in the international missions field to present seminars and workshops to churches and organisations with the view of helping the Body of Christ to understand the world in a global Kingdom context.

The INcontext team includes a research department (reporting daily world news events from a missions perspectives), a prayer department (providing current strategic prayer material for churches and groups to use for intercessory prayer guides), a project department (co-ordinating strategic projects for churches and groups to link with, providing critical support for the global church’s current needs), and a missionary support department (maintaining contact with missionaries and mission organisation partners working in various countries around the world). INcontext also provides advice and assistance for churches who want to send groups on short-term outreaches to support the persecuted church.

Lesotho mission

The activities of INcontext include:

INcontext Seminars – presented on request to any church in South Africa, covering a wide range of mission-related topics

INcontext website – containing up-to-date information on global events and the persecuted church

A World in Motion – fortnightly email newsletter on current events. (Subscribe for free by emailing )

Pray for the Nations – prayer guide material (including video and Powerpoint presentations)

A Worldview Renewed – workshops for mission leaders and facilitators

Strategic projects – based on the needs of Christians living and ministering in restricted areas


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