Jeffreys Bay man on mission to speak out against white farm murders

Dr Apostle Thapelo Selepe will be walking from Jeffreys Bay to Humansdorp — a distance of about 21km — tomorrow on a divinely-inspired mission to pray against killings of white farmers and citizens in South Africa.

He told Gateway News today that in an encounter with God two weeks ago he was mandated to follow in the reconciliation footsteps of Nelson Mandela and to start a journey to speak out on behalf of white people in South Africa.

He said he will leave Jeffreys Bay at about 9am and expects to arrive in Humansdorp at about 12 noon, where he will make a statement. He said quite a few people have expressed an interest in walking with him and he expects quite a few people will be waiting for him in Humansdorp.

“I have a mandate to call for an end to the killing of white farmers and South Africans who are being used by politicians as a scapegoat. I am calling for justice. I am not ignoring other things — I am quite aware of things that are happening in our nation.

“But it’s a time for reconciliation and for us to stop blaming other races and allowing white people to be killed like animals with nobody standing up in leadership and saying this thing must end — especially the voice of the president is needed. I believe if Mandela was here he would have rebuked this thing — and said it is not a time to be dividing the nation.”

In a pamphlet promoting his walk tomorrow, Selepe says: “I am choosing to be a responsible citizen and to be a steward of unity, peace, love and truth.”

Selepe, who is married with two children, said he moved to Jeffreys Bay in February this year with a calling to be a voice of the voiceless. He said he met Eastern Cape Mighty Men Conference coordinator Eugene Genis in Jeffreys Bay today and immediately decided to join the MMC movement.

“We share the same views — we are all for Christ,” he said.

“If we just follow the message of Christ there will be no racism — we will be all united.”

He said he has a background in broadcasting and is currently buying slots on community radio stations in order to share the message of Christ.”

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