Jesus take the wheel: Namibia Edition: Week 4 — Julita Kok

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Oh how beautiful is the feet of Him who brings good news.

How do you share with people what is in your heart when it is absolutely overflowing?? I do not have the vocabulary to explain what it is I am feeling or what is happening on this trip. God told me to visit with His people here in Namibia. Not big events or townhall meetings….”Visit with My people in their homes and share with them My goodness. And that is what I have been doing. 

Nothing spiritual about it in the sense of bursting out in a dance or “feeling” the presence of God as in corporate meetings…..just a family and me around their dinner table. But boy oh boy, does God walk into these conversations!! So many times I just share on the goodness of God in my own life and I will hear these words…”Thank you.  I have just received my answer”.  It amazes me. And all I have to do is listen to the Holy Spirit on what to talk on. No pressure to perform. Just share about the goodness of God in my life and believe me, I can keep you busy for years with all my stories.

Namibian beauty

So I have seen the hand of God move among the people. It is as if the Holy Spirit is sifting down in a soft rain, gently, no pressure….just His loving kindness to all his children. I, of course, visit mostly with the farmers in drought stricken areas, as this was God’s command to me, and have seen hope and faith stirred in them over and over again. 

And then God comes and He stays true to His word that the rain will follow me.  Even here in Namibia, the rain has been following me. Everywhere I have been, it started raining.  One farmer phoned me this morning and said: “Julita, it has been raining for a week now and we have had an average of over 100mm rain.”  Eight years of drought and just like that….God comes and he changes things.  In the natural and in the Spirit.  How can I not be changed by this??

Dry veld

One of the farmers I visited had no more hope left. He had nearly no more sheep and told me that he does not even remember his ATM pin anymore as he has not been able to use it for more than a year because of a lack of funds. No need to remember the number if you cannot use the card. He wanted to sell some sheep, purely for financial reasons, but only had 10 good ones. There were 4 others, but they were sick. So they asked me to pray over the sick sheep and also for a very good price for the sheep. They would be very thankful if they received an average of R8 200 each. So, of course, I know God as a God of blessing and I have learned not to put Him in a box. So I prayed and I told God….”Do not listen to them with their R8 200; give them what You want Lord. I left their farm and the auction was the next week. They phoned me afterwards absolutely in awe of God. They were able to put 14 sheep on auction and sold them all.  Listen to this……they received an average of R10 900 each. This God of ours!!! And it has been raining on the farm non stop. The rivers are even flowing again.  God is not a man that He would lie. 

On another farm, they also had had no rain for eight years. Drought was slowly killing them. A day after I left, I received a video of a downpour of rain that just blew my breath away. Just because HE said the rain would follow me, it truly does. Nothing to do with me. I cannot make rain. But GOD!!!!!  And so I kept receiving videos and pictures of before and after my visit. God is just pouring out His rain here in Namibia, both in the natural and spiritual. Is He not an awesome God!!

And then I went to Walvis Bay. What to say, what to say, what to say?!?

There is a 94-year-old woman in Walvis Bay called Ouma Geraldine. They call her the lady who swallowed the Bible. You have never seen anything like this. She quotes the Bible like many Christians do, but not many Christians (I know none) quotes the Bible like she does. Whole chapters in the Bible.  Passages. And she tells you to check her. Read from your Bible as she quotes as she can never allow herself to not say something that is not so. And you can check….she is never wrong. I could not find one mistake in six days.  And if she cannot remember a Scripture reference, she tells you…..these are the words of that verse…just check where that is exactly.  And then it is so easy as she knows the Scriptures so well. She has truly eaten the Word and it became alive on the inside of her. And oh, how she loves Him!! I have never seen a truer love than hers. And believe me, her life was not smooth sailing. Hectic all the things that happened to her, but yet she views each and every one of her challenges as things that drew her closer to God. What a legend of a great, great God!!

Julita and Ouma Geraldine

And she prophesies all the time. Things God showed her. Amazing.  Absolutely amazing. And remember, this is not a woman who has internet or TV or anything. She has none of these modern tools. She does not even know what Google or Youtube are. But God told her that her message will go via satellite and she did not understand. When I explained about the internet, she was totally in amazement!! She said…”Is that not absolutely wonderful! Now the message can go quickly”.  She did not know how we are going to get her message (received from God to the nations) to all the nations, except that God said it will go via satellite. That is how God explained the internet to her!! Is it simply not wonderful!! Such an awesome God.

I can keep you busy with what Ouma Geraldine imparted into me, for days.  Things she shared with me…..I will need weeks to just process it to a place where I can fully understand everything she said. And she has these nuggets: “the cross leaves no room for deception. It is the doorway to glory!!”  She told me that she loved listening to Jim Reeves through the years, but nowadays (past few years) she was not able to hear his music anymore and she so wants to hear it again. She has no CD player or modern-day gadgets. So, I opened Youtube on my phone and I played her favourite Jim Reeves song.  She cried and cried and cried and could not understand how I could just access it so easily. Just like that!! I explained it to her and she was just in awe of God for giving man this kind of knowledge to create these platforms.  Always giving the glory to God.  It was a beautiful experience; it left a sweet fragrance with me. It felt as if our spirits were searching for each other through all the ages, deep calling unto deep, and when we met, there was an explosion in the spirit realm. Both of us felt it and it was totally humbling to me. 

Clouds over Usakos

Ouma has no fear of death. Nothing whatsoever. It is a beautiful thing. She is so looking forward to meeting Him face to face and to having a huge party with all the others who went before her; just to be in His presence and being able to stay there. On earth she could not stay in His presence always as her mortal body was not equipped for such glory, but she is always aware of His presence she says. ALWAYS. Is this not an amazing thing!!

 I left Ouma, knowing that I will not see her in this lifetime again, but we both knew it was only goodbye, not farewell.  She also told me that impartation took place (which it did) and that wherever I would go from now on, that which she received from God, will accompany me. Totally humbled. That is what I am. But I am even more in awe of God than ever before. A master brain who connects in such divine ways, that it is not easy to explain in mere English.

So now I am on my way to Otjiwarongo. I will arrive there on Sunday March 28. Few stops in between and am very much looking forward to all God has planned for me and those I encounter on my journey with Him. I had few dirt roads the past week, but next week is a different story. I am not alone though; I sense the angels with me all the time and the presence of the Holy Spirit and that is enough for me.

“So onwards Christian Soldiers, marching as to war. With the cross of Jesus, going on before. Christ the royal Master, leads against the foe; forward into battle, see His banner go!”

Halleluja!!!!  God is preparing a Holy army here on earth.  Are you ready??

Climbing a dune


  1. Thank you for sharing this awesomeness!! Love you and how you trust and share God through you!! 💖🎊

  2. Keep writing. The more you write, the more people will start to read.