Kingdom Come SA worship leader releases pro-life song with his kids

Sean Feucht and his wife, Kate, with their kids, Malachi, 7, Ezra, 5, Keturah, 9, and Zion, 1. (PHOTO: Heather Armstrong).

Originally published in Fox News

Sean Feucht is running for Congress in California and will is leading worship at the Kingdom Come SA conference in Johannesburg this week but that hasn’t stopped the 36-year-old Christian artist from making music.

Feucht, who leads worship at Bethel Church in Redding, California, last Friday released his new single Raise Our Voice, in which all four of his children sing along.

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“This is our time to stand up, stand up. This is our time to speak up, speak up,” Zion, 1, Ezra, 5, Malachi, 7, and Keturah, 9, join in on the inspirational tune’s chorus..

“It’s a fun, joyful song and the chorus is all about the unborn and forgotten,” Feucht, pronounced “Foyt,” told Fox News. “It’s a song to teach my kids to stand up for what is right and true.”

Feucht and fellow Bethel worship leader Bethany Wohrle are leading worship at the Kingdom Come SA conference featuring Bill Johnson and Shawn Bolz at Christian Family Church International in Kempton Park from Thursday to Saturday.

Making his debut in politics, he is running as a Republican against the incumbent, John Garamendi, D-California, in the 3rd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

During the Friday presentation he shared with his kids about the babies across the country who don’t get a chance to live. He said he had them sing on it “to represent all the children whose voices are never heard.”

Even though the 36-year-old Bethel Music artist has written songs about other issues and nations, including North Korea, the missionary said he wrote this song specifically as the family’s anthem for California and the rest of the United States.

“Sometimes songs go places where sermons and teachings cannot,” Feucht said, adding that his kids sing it every day when they are dropped off at school.

The millennial worship leader isn’t a typical politician, but he has made several trips to Washington, DC.

He has met with President Trump and Vice President Pence, along with a group of 50 worship leaders, with whom he prayed for the president before the impeachment push.

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  1. Hugh G Wetmore

    And here’s a Pro-Life song for Congregational use:


    God of Justice, God of Love,
    twin these virtues from above,
    form them in this world below,
    that all people soon will show
    justice, love to all.

    Justice for the innocent,
    killed without their own consent,
    taken from their mother’s womb,
    taken from their cosy home,
    justice is denied.

    Love for helpless humankind,
    all their rights now undermined.
    Adult power is cruel and wild
    When it’s used against a child ~
    love evaporates.

    God of Justice, God of Love,
    You in Christ came from above.
    Mary had the courage to
    see her pregnancy right through ~
    Loving Justice won!

    Words and Melody: Hugh G Wetmore (c) 2003
    Metre: 77775 Tune: Pro-life arranged by H Hudson *CD 11.16 or as a RAP or a Poem.