KMMC calling on church leaders to strengthen partnership

KMMC organiser, Dave Turner and his wife, Margi, with Angus Buchan at a past KMMC.
KMMC organiser, Dave Turner (left) and his wife, Margi, with Mighty Men Movement founder Angus Buchan at a past KMMC.

KMMC took an important step forward at last year’s conference when a partnership was initiated with local churches after a meeting of church leaders who attended the conference was held.

Dave Turner, one of the local organisers of the KMMC and a lay pastor in Middelburg, believes the meeting shifted the unity between local church leaders and KMMC at a spiritual level.

He says after the positive outcome of the meeting last year KMMC 2015 will host another meeting of church leaders to strengthen the bonds that were established and swop ideas as to how the partnership can be made more effectual.

“Paul, in his letter to the Philippians, writes about a ‘partnership in the Gospel’ that helped to advance the good news going out to many people,” says Turner.

Advancing the Kingdom
“This partnership in the Gospel is a very apt description of the relationship that exists between KMMC and the many church leaders (pastors, reverends, ministers and dominees) who have been involved in the conference as both parties have very different functions in the Kingdom, but when they join hands they are a more effective combination to advance the Kingdom in a powerful way and to the benefit of each other.”

Turner says the partnership between church leaders and KMMC affords the conference organising committee a collaborative relationship with a core group of church leaders from all over the country and further afield in Africa.

He says KMMC needs church leaders to partner with them in the following ways:
* To encourage the men in their churches to make the necessary plans to attend the conference and also to invite friends, family and colleagues;
* To join us in prayer and intercession before the event to prepare way for God to come do everything He wills in our midst;
* To provide a spiritual home for those who have encountered God at the conference so that they can continue to grow and be nurtured to maturity in Christ.

“On the other hand, KMMC provides a powerful event where people can come away from their normal everyday lives to worship, praise, pray, and experience God in the midst of His awesome creation with wonderful, life-changing messages from anointed men of God, plus plenty of opportunity for genuine Christian fellowship in and around the campsite,” says Turner.

“We have seen from many testimonies in past years that church leaders will experience numerous benefits by partnering with KMMC,” he adds.
Turner says the benefits include:
* The men will come back from the conference with a fire in their hearts that could spark a mini-revival in their church;
* The invited friends, family and colleagues of the men in their churches who get saved at the conference are likely to join their church when they return from the conference;
* The conference provides a great place for men to receive teaching on topics that are often problematic for church leaders to preach about because they are the main beneficiary, which includes topics such as being committed and active in your local church, tithing, and supporting your church leader.

Partnership benefits
Turner believes the partnership’s benefits extend beyond KMMC and local churches to the advance of God’s Kingdom itself.

“People attending KMMC gain a broader perspective and understanding of the necessity for unity between the different churches and need for members of the body of Christ to work together in advancing God’s kingdom,” explains Turner.

After last year’s meeting Pastor Stef Davi, who ministers at the Full Gospel Church in Sterling in East London said there is much scope for church leaders to form a partnership with KMMC in the gospel for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Davi said the meeting was God-inspired, because at the end of the day “we are all working as co-labourers with Christ to win souls into the kingdom”.

“If we encourage people, especially the unsaved, to attend the KMMC and they are converted we all benefit from the growth as there has to be a continuation of the process of guiding the newly converted and bringing them to maturity, so that hopefully next year more men attend KMMC.”

Davi said the meeting was also beneficial in giving church leaders the opportunity to interact and fellowship, which often made for what seemed like divine appointments.

Against this background, KMMC organisers are requesting church leaders to make contact as soon as possible so that the KMMC can share its vision with them and put some tools in their hands to get maximum benefit out of partnering with the KMMC for the sake of their churches and the cause of advancing the Kingdom in this beautiful nation of South Africa.

The KMMC encourages any church leader who would like to join the partnership to contact Dave Turner, Phone (049) 842 1911, Mobile 079 879 1848, or Email:

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