Kuwana calls on Ghana to lead Africa on Biblical path to economic freedom

Delegates at the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Forum in Accra, Ghana, last week.

It is time for Ghana to arise and lead Africa again — this time on the path to economic freedom, South Africa-based Transformational Entrepreneur, Patrick Kuwana, said at the 2015 African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) Forum opened in Accra this week.

About 500 political, business and church leaders attended the 2-day forum organised by the Bible Society of Ghana on the theme: “Leadership for National Transformation”.

Kuwana, who was one of the keynote speakers at the forum, said Ghana had been the torchbearer in African emancipation, and that it was high time the nation once again arose to lead the continent on the path of economic freedom, reports modernghana.com.

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He said the older generation of leaders who led the continent’s liberation struggle must hand over the baton to the younger generation who would take the continent to the promised land of prosperity.

He noted that like the biblical Moses who led the Israelites across the Red Sea into the wilderness, many of the older generation of African political leaders had hit the rock and therefore, were being asked by God to hand over to the Joshuas who would carry the people to the promised land.

Kuwana said despite the continent being endowed with abundant natural resources, lack of knowledge and disobedience to God had made Africans poorer. “Africa is a praying continent, but much prayer without obedience is waste of time,” he stated.

God’s laws
He said it was essential that Africa embraced democracy, and that leaders must be elected through democratic processes but democracy must not be used to put aside God’s laws.

He observed that God would model Ghana as a godly nation for the rest of Africa to emulate; stating that “Ghana must be strong and courageous.”

He said research shows that it takes about three to 15 per cent of a group of people to change the culture of their society and that committed Christians in Ghana could transform the nation.

Kuwana urged Churches to stop putting blame on governments and to do their part by helping widows and orphans.

Joe Ghartey, Second Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana, who represented the Speaker to officially perform the launch of the 2015 ABLI on behalf of the Vice President, said as human beings “our main aim of being on this earth is to serve God”.

He said when people applied Bible’s teachings to their lives, the nation would be completely transformed.

Mrs Justice Irene C Larbi, Justice of the Court of Appeal, advised parents to inculcate the Bible’s teachings in their children, to help them grow into responsible adults

She said integrity was key in every fabric of society; “leadership starts from the home, school, and work place. At every stage of our life we need integrity.”

Kuwana, who will report back more fully on the forum next week,  sent Gateway News the text of a word that he says God gave him to release at the forum. It reads:

Ghana arise and lead Africa again 

58 years ago Ghana became the first Sub-Sahara African country to gain political independence and break the shackles of colonial control and oppression. This opened the door for all of Africa to follow the path and crossover the ‘Red Sea’ from political slavery into freedom. In 1994 South Africa became the last nation to crossover and the ‘Red Sea’ closed up drowning the ‘enemy’ of colonial political oppression. Africa has been journeying in the ‘wilderness’ since the first nation (Ghana) crossed over but I believe it’s time for Africa to now crossover the Jordan River and enter into the Promiseland – the place where Africa will experience economic freedom and prosperity. The Moses generation of leaders have done their job to get Africa across the Red Sea and across the wilderness but it is now time for the Joshua generation of leaders to take Africa across the Jordan and into the Promiseland. Your Excellency Vice President and distinguished guests I would like to ask the question today – God used Ghana to lead Africa to political freedom – Is He perhaps asking Ghana to lead Africa again – this time into the Promiseland of economic freedom – the place of inheritance that God predestined for Africa? Could God be calling Ghana to lead this assignment today? Could God be calling each of you who are here today for such a time as this? 

Ghana arise and lead Africa again – Ghana the continent is waiting for your leadership again – Ghana arise – Ghana arise.



  1. Interesting comment but rather inaccurate. Africa must NOT look to Ghana but to Jesus Christ. Looking to Ghana would be outright idolatry when Jesus Christ is there and ready to deliver Africa from the shackles of darkness. It wasn’t Ghana that was crucified on the cross for Africa’s freedom, it was Jesus Christ. Ghana has contributed positively to their fellow African brothers’ freedom, but to look up to Ghana would be idolatry. South Africa is currently Africa’s most developed economy, but it would still be wicked for African countries to look up to South Africa. All African nations, including, need to look to no one and none other than Jesus Christ for salvation, redemption, healing and deliverance. Amen!

    • You are of course correct, and the writer Patrick Kuwana — and any Christian for that matter — would agree with you. His point is that God raises people and nations for special times and in his view Ghana is being called to the plate now.