Listen to who “dropped” in on DJ from a high place!!!

DJ Prophet 777.

A Cape Town Gospel house music DJ caught my attention today when he sent me a WhatsApp with some serious name-dropping cred.

Listen to the sound byte below to hear who DJ Prophet 777 landed to do a “drop” for him on Wednesday.

What do you think of the DJ’s jaw-dropping scoop? Do you think if CR ever tires of his day job he could move up — I mean drop down — to doing some DJ gigs? Who knows, perhaps he could even capture the market.

I asked DJ Prophet 777 how he got to mix with such serious company.

He said as a DJ he collects “drops” (which are shout-outs from very important people in the entertainment industry or other celebrities which DJs can use in their mixes to get their audience’s attention). A few weeks ago he asked his wife if he should ever meet the president, should he ask him for a drop and she said: “Yes, of course.”

On Tuesday as he was walking in Camp’s Bay he declared by faith: “Father in heaven, I know that your giftings and talent that are inside of me will present me before kings and queens, before important people.”

The very next morning — on Wednesday —  he was walking on the Sea Point promenade and he saw a group of bodyguards walking towards him and in the centre of them was the president of South Africa. He plucked up courage to approach the president, not knowing what to expect.

He said the president was very friendly. Then he asked the president if he would do a drop for him. The president asked him what that meant. When he explained he agreed readily — and the result is what you have heard above.

Then, with the president’s permission DJ Prophet 777 prayed for him, with his right hand on his shoulder, for wisdom, protection and the servanthood of Christ to increase in his life.

He said he thanked the Father for the special experience and that he wishes to encourage believers to “continue to do well in your giftings and talent, worshipping God, loving people, and your gift will present itself before important people”.


  1. Love it! Very inspiring.

  2. angelo felix (NZ)

    Really inspirational DJ Prophet777 as the saying goes when you know God He will take you to High places and a mans talent will make room for him.The president of the country doing a drop for you wow…God bless you,the president and your dj ministry – Angelo- (NZ)

  3. DJ!!!! You the best. Remember that I knew you before you became famous. Amen!!!!!!!

  4. Oh DJ Prophet 777 may the Lord bless you and use you to advance His Kingdom in a way that is beyond your wildest dreams. May He increase your boldness and courage. May He use you to stir the young people to follow Jesus Christ. Bless you.