Men, wives testify of impact of Gospel message during online global Mighty Men conference

A father and son kneel at home as they participate in a prayer led by farmer-evangelist Angus Buchan through their television screen.

“Testimonies are coming in fast and furious” says Angus Buchan of how lives of people around the world were turned around by Jesus through a simple Gospel message the farmer-evangelist preached from his KwaZulu-Natal farm during the virtual Global Mighty Men Conference last Saturday.

At the outset of his sermon the founder of the now-global Mighty Men movement made it clear that he was talking specifically to men — and their sons. But he said he was delighted that, because of the worldwide lockdown, he was able to speak to males in the presence of their wives, girlfriends, daughters and mothers.

After preaching passionately about God looking for ordinary men who will change the world by becoming humble, holy, men of faith who fear nothing but sin and desire no one but God, he asked men listening to get down on their knees in their homes, in front of their families, to pray a prayer of commitment to God.

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“I am believing that your family is going to be transformed because of your humility in the sight of God,” he said.

He said that normally, at Mighty Men conferences, only men were present as the Holy Spirit worked deeply in their hearts.

“But today is different, the whole family is going to see you broken, coming before the Lord, saying: ‘Please give me another chance Lord, deliver me from this alcoholism, this drug addiction, this pornography, this vicious temper. Take it out of me in the middle of my family.’

“And God is going to do it because He is present in your home.”

George Carpenter, executive producer of Shalom Ministries, who managed the seamless technical production of Saturday’s MMC Global 2020 from his kitchen table at home, sent Gateway News some of the testimonies from men and their families who were impacted on Saturday.

A message from a man in England reads: “I have been holding my children up in prayer for many years and this morning I encouraged my youngest son who lives in Newport, Wales to watch the MMC 2020. And guess what God has done, yes you guessed, He brought him back to Jesus. He phoned me half hour ago to tell me that he loves me and he loves Jesus even more and that he is setting his life back on the straight and narrow path.”

Another man wrote: “Good day Oom Angus. I want to thank you for the Mighty Men conference on Saturday 23rd of May 2020. I repented for all my sins yesterday and I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to us all and for sharing the word of the Lord. I was a huge sinner. A drinker, a smoker, a pornographer, a hater, a liar, an adulterer and I want to tell you it feels so good to be rid of that burden. I want to learn so much more about the Word of God and want to be a leader to preach the Gospel and spread the word of God and what He has done for me. I have never in my life felt so uplifted from all my burdens.”

A message from a couple reads: “Thank you for MMC 2020. Jesus has spoken to us directly through you and told us that we are living in sin, we both cried a lot during your prayer when I got on my knees. We got married the next day after MMC 2020. Dankie oom, jy het ons reg geruk. We are closer to Jesus today.”

Another man sent this impassioned message: “I listened into the MMC broadcast yesterday and was in tears for most of it as it spoke directly to me. I have very recently ruined my 19-year marriage to my beautiful wife and only God will ever be able to rebuild it. Please can you pray for His miracle in our lives as we have decided to be apart for now. My failings have caused this and I wasn’t in any place to listen to your broadcast but after receiving the invite three times in a few minutes I knew I had to and it was amazing. Thank you so much.”

In messages from women, one lady wrote that after the broadcast she had “a brand new husband”, and a young wife who said she and her husband have been struggling for 10 years to have a child, said she has faith that a Word of Knowledge that Buchan shared about a child on the way for a couple who have been unable to have a baby, was for them.

Buchan himself, said in a comment on the event: “One of my intercessors wrote in that he has a hardened military man who never shed a tear in his life who just broke down at the end of that meeting and wept his heart out with his son on his knees in front of the TV and his dear wife and daughters came and laid their hands upon them.

“It just goes on and on, so we thank God. But please, I know there are many, many more testimonies still to come. And this is what revival is — a people saturated with God. It’s not just talk.”


  1. Suzette Van Rooyen

    Hallelujah! God’s Word is alive and powerful.
    Thank God for the changed lives

  2. How rewarding to read about these testimonies. Good is faithful!

  3. Adrienne kelley

    Yes my husband enjoyed the meeting and also..kneeled..and prayed..