Mighty harvest at second Mbombela Groundswell camp

Teenagers worshipping the Lord at the Groundswell youth camp that was held near Mbombela from Friday June 23 to Monday June 25.

Nearly half the 190 teenagers who attended Groundswell — an inter-church youth camp in a spectacular natural setting near Mbombela, Mpumalanga — made first-time decisions for Christ at the event last weekend.

More than 40 adult volunteers served at the camp, which was marketed to local high schools by Grand Traverse, a leading South African praise and worship band from Durban which led worship throughout the weekend.

During the Saturday night session about 80 teenagers made first-time decisions for Christ.

Groundswell was founded last year by local pastors active in high schools in the Mbombela area. It has unified local churches and youth across denominational, race and language divisions under the banner of Jesus Christ. Churches represented at this year’s camp were Church Unlimited (NCMI), Communio Church (AFM/AGS), Every Nation Mbombelo, Lewende Woord, NG Moedegemeente Kerk, NG Westergloed and Vollies (Full Gospel).

Evening praise and worship session with Grand Traverse.

The exclusive camp site on the Mara Road, in a nature conservancy adjacent to the Crocodile River gorge on the Mara Road, has been made available to local churches by a farming family.

The bush environment, close to God and close to nature, made for an exciting teen programme, including daily sunrise hikes to worship God on top of a mountain, a kayak race and a hike into the gorge.

“This is truly life changing and memorable event in the life of the youth. Many will never be the same again. We are looking forward to hearing many testimonies of changed hearts for Jesus Christ,” said Shaun Adams youth pastor at Church Unlimited.


  1. We will never know how every effort we make to contribute to a more wholesome society is laying a solid foundation for the future to build on

  2. You guys are doing awesome work in the name of Jesus. Loved the article!

  3. Wow! What an amazing impact for the Nation.

  4. Everything we do to ehance the lives of other without personal gain is noble.

  5. Well done my sister?????? Great write up

  6. Barbara Wayman

    where there is unity (among the denominations in this case) the Lord commands a blessing. Awesome !!