Miracles flowing — especially outside walls of Church


We’ve recently had the privilege of sitting under an open heaven at Gatekeepers Church in Dubai, of all places — yes, in the Middle East. We worshiped the Lord in one accord touching Heaven, and Heaven broke out. We united with brothers and sisters from all manner of tribes and tongue.

Marion Julian Adams small
Julian Adams speaking at Gatekeepers Church in Dubai.

The miraculous is moving in a radical way all over the world. It’s not even happening with the laying on of hands! It’s just as was spoken Speak Lord and my son will be healed. Luke 7. The creative and healing power of God received in a believer’s and non-believer’s life is truly astonishing. People were healed of various neck, back and ankle ailments and blood disorders. The conditions were called out by Julian Adams followed by in-depth words of knowledge and very detailed prophesies. Shawn Bolz on the other hand would call out a person’s name and then if there was a condition, he prayed for the condition to leave and then prophesied. Ash Anandani had his own style completely, it was truly marvellous when he saw a flash of white light then he was aware of a strong healing anointing at which he began calling out various conditions and people responded with full faith.

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Marion Shawn Boltz small
Shawn Boltz

Church to leave the building
Listening to our very own Julian Adams from South Africa, Shawn Bolz and Ash Anandani the spirit of revelation was clearly evident. The speakers spoke with clarity and yet with one voice, particularly on the subject of making Jesus known and on the love of the Father. There is a tremendous increase and ease of gifts of Holy Spirit for the body of Christ to flow and it is not restricted for just the clergy but for the priesthood of all believers. “It’s time for the church to leave the building” as Julian so challengingly put it. We were challenged to arise and shine because surely the Glory of the Lord has come upon us and it’s not for our holy huddles but to bring in the lost. (Isaiah 61)

The church is the place for equipping and refreshing but it’s outside the walls where one will find the power and miracles happening. Ash challenged us to make the church go viral. Use every means available to make God famous.

Marion Ash ANANDANI small
Ash Anandani speaking at Gatekeepers Church in Dubai.

Revival in Middle East
Reading the book of Hebrews or recalling the challenge placed to Abraham to go to a city he did not know where he would become the father of many nations — it dawned on me how easy and possible this could be today. We knew a lady who 30 years ago was asked to be part of establishing parts of Dubai. At the time, we only knew Dubai to be dessert and a crazy idea, but driving around the city — it is huge, with folk from around the globe, skyscrapers, an aquarium in a shopping centre, and a ski and snow park in another shopping centre. They have metros coming and going every five minutes. The best part of all of this, there was a prophetic word that was released about Gatekeepers being the epicentre for revival in the Middle East! When that word was released the crowd’s faith shook the building.

No longer Slaves to fear resounded again and again.

Marion Julian Adams crowd
Julian Adams praying as the attendees of the prophetic conference stand in agreement.

Renewing the mind
As a prophet or a prophetic people your authority is related to what you love. You must love the Church — its Christ’s prize possession. The prophetic is not about destiny, but about love encounters with Jesus. Jesus will walk through the walls of your heart to heal you, to change a situation. His love will transform an entire culture. Think about Dubai. Once set to be entirely one culture, now a multicultural city. Take Johannesburg, we are also a multicultural city and have the capacity to reach many countries up North Africa. We only have to influence and bring the kingdom to folk from up north and the gospel is gloriously spread.

To the extent you love people, to that extent you will have revelation to bring about change. The Lord will trust you will innovative ways to share His word. We have often spoken of the now ways of going viral, the internet, Facebook, Instagram, e-books, podcasts and any other techno means of spreading the word. This is a mind shift and a much needed one for reaching the lost.

Marion Dubai
On the metro in Dubai.

I was reminded of some stuck thinking when in Seporia, a trendy makeup store in Dubai. To my surprise there were many very beautiful women dressed in their chador (traditional clothing) busy buying basketfulls of makeup. Why was I surprised? In my small-minded thinking I was of the impression that the chador was a symbol of religious lifestyle without the luxury of makeup. However my thoughts changed when I saw that they too had desires to beautify. With this in mind smiles exchanged with the ladies in their traditional clothing often made my 15 minute crowded metro ride a much warmer and more welcome place. I wonder what would happen if we had time to talk or give a hug goodbye?

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  1. Peter McGregor

    I was so glad to read this as it exemplifies the love of GOD being spread abroad. May we be encouraged to do this everyday of our lives and wherever we find ourselves to be. I cannot help providing the following link which is leading in a very similar direction. https://thelastreformation.com/
    May the blessings of our Father follow all those who read this and implement and share the LOVE of Christ with others.