Miracles on farm ahead of Mighty Families, says Ollie le Roux

Ollie le Roux, overlooking his farm Wilde Als which was the venue of last year’s It’s Time prayer day and is also the venue for the Mighty Families event in a week;s time — from March 16 to 18.

Some mighty miracles have been taking place on Wilde Als farm near Bloemfontein where South Africa’s first Mighty Families event is taking place in a week’s time, said the farm owner, Ollie le Roux.

“It’s been amazing! I really believe Mighty Families is going to be a very joyful festival and it’s going to be an amazing time spent in the presence of God. And I just want to encourage people to come along and worship as a family,” said the former Springbok rugby star whose farm was also the venue for the historic It’s Time prayer day attended by around a million people on April 22 last year.

Mighty Families programme, great speakers, great worship, and awesome stuff for children — CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

Recounting some of the miracles leading up to Mighty Families he said, for instance they had planted grass for a big play area planned for children but drought kicked in and they became more and more stressed as weeks passed with no rain in sight,

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One day he and a landscaper who was helping them and a farm worker were at the site, feeling quite despondent, when they decided to pray together for the Lord to send rain.

A simple prayer
“We prayed a simple prayer. ‘Lord it’s for your glory, it’s your land, and thank you, your will be done.’

“Afterwards we were struck by an awareness of a powerful presence of the Lord,” said Le Roux.

And the next day there was about 25mm of rain in town but only about 1mm on his farm.

“I wondered what was going on,” he said.

The next day, January 10, he was driving back from town where a little rain had fallen. As he got to the farm and started to approach the area of grass they had planted he began to hear mud on his wheels — a sure sign that a lot of rain had fallen.

He discovered there had been heavy rain — up to 50mm — exclusively on the area of grass that had been planted. And more targeted rain followed in the next few days, prompting his staff to comment that every time there was rain in the area it fell on the specially-planted grass patch.

“It was amazing and just showed to me that the Lord is in control.” said Le Roux.

And that was not the end of the miracle rain story. Early last month he felt something was not quite right in the atmosphere and he invited a team of intercessors to come to the farm to “do a land  cleansing and to pick up in the Spirit if anything was wrong”.

They had a really powerful time of prayer and about 24 hours later, at about 3pm on February 5,  he saw rain approaching the farm. Normally the rain fell first on the town side before it reached his farm — and less rain fell on the farm than on the town side.

Two columns
But that day he saw what looked like two columns of rain on the right and the left of the farm, and the next minute the columns connected on the Bultfontein Road. Then rain began to pelt down on his farm but apparently not anywhere else. The wind was blowing in a way that caused the rain to come down in sheets at a 45 degree angle in a way he had never seen before.

Miracle rain: Ollie le Roux;’s photo of a downpour on his farm which skipped the land across the road to the right.

And then the wind stopped, causing the rain to come back over the same area again. About 25mm of rain fell in less than an hour.

When the rain stopped he drove around his farm and saw evidence of torrential rainfall on his land but little sign of recent rain on the opposite side of the ring road. On the N1 national road the side close to his farm was very wet but on the other side it looked like there had been no rain.

Sign from the Lord
“After the prayer the day before the rain was such a powerful sign from the Lord that the land was now clean,” he said.

Le Roux said the past months since It’s Time had been a seasone of incredible personal spiritual growth but also one of spiritual attacks on him and his family.

With so many people on his farm last April he has been having the amazing experience of meeting people all over the country who told him they had been on his farm.

“It was so special to hear of all their amazing encounters with the Lord at It’s Time,” he said.

He said he was hugely encouraged by the testimonies of people who were passionate about God and put Him first — “people that nobody knows about but who are powerful people of God.”

He was also convinced that significant changes that have taken place in South Africa can be traced back to the prayer day — and even before, to moves like Mighty Men.

“But with It’s Time it’s accelerated. I have found there is a unity in the body of Christ that was lacking before,” he said.

And so he was blessed that the vision for Mighty Families was birthed on his farm and that he was asked to host the event on his land.

A passion for family
“I’ve always had a passion for family — my family’s very important to me. I believe it’s [Mighty Family] a new move that’s coming for South Africa.

“It’s about getting the family of South Africa and the family of Christ together to be the change that will bless South Africa. If we can unite as families in Christ, nothing in this world can stand against us. If God is for you no man can be against you.

“It has to start somewhere, so we’re nervously excited as the big day is getting closer. We’ve never done anything like this. Already amazing miracles have happened in the way that God has brought so many people together who have opened their arms to help make this vision happen.

“Come and be part of it,” he said.

More information about Mighty Families is available at  http://www.mightyfamilies.co.za/and https://www.facebook.com/mightyfamilies/.


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  1. We serve a miracle working God… Thank You Lord Jesus.. Wonderful testimony Ollie,may our Father in Heaven put multiple blessings on to your family and farm as a whole, Amen…

  2. The restoration of the importance of families in this country is so needed to counteract the trend of single headed households

  3. All the glory to God on high. Amen!