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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Hallo Beautiful Witness.

Greetings from Germany! I am currently on a 6 week tour of Europe – preaching the gospel with power and boldness! More on that next month!

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The last month was nothing less than awesome!

I had the absolute honour of ministering in South Africa — my home country.

Four days felt like four months!
Two days in Pretoria and two days in Johannesburg.
God did so much! I hope I can share in a way that does justice to His goodness!

I had literally flown straight from the Beautiful Witness Ministries UK Tour into this next adventure — and what an adventure it was!

Pretoria — Dry bones live!

Sometimes we think God is working everywhere, except here. “Here” being your hometown. Wherever “here” is. I can promise you one thing — God is on the move everywhere! Do not let past disappointments and lack of sight determine your belief system and the word of God! I am a full-time traveling minister and not one single place I have been was void of God. Emmanuel — where you are He is. Christ in you.

First meeting was with some pastors of the surrounding areas… powerful.
Also sad to find out that some leaders had no grid for the supernatural, but ofcourse this is why God sent me there. Exciting privilege to equip the saints.

South Africa is destined for some of the greatest miracles the world has ever seen! Even legendary revivalist John G Lake said that he never saw miracles like he saw in South Africa. The “Jesus movement” leader Lonnie Frisbee also spoke of this special anointing which South Africa carries.

If you are a South African reading this — know that you are destined for great things!

The first evening meeting at “Lighuis van Aanbidding” — a Thursday — the power of God crashed in! Miracle after miracle. Frozen toes healed, arthritis, back pain and more! Many filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time. Many healings happened simply in the presence of God! Like this one below. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is – there is freedom!”

Friday morning we were up at the crack of dawn! Off to a small, poor town named Wolmer to share the good news with those who come to pick up a food parcel and so on.

Do not underestimate what God can do! What a powerful morning!!! Many gave their lives to Jesus! Many were delivered and many were healed! One of my favorite testimonies was of a couple that came in together.
The man in a wheelchair – both legs in excruciating pain after amputation due to diabetes and his wife had very bad pain from arthritis. God touched them both and they held each other crying having realised both his pain and hers has disappeared! Such a beautiful moment witnessing His tangible love.

Off to the creche! Loved the kids and seeing them get touched by God.

That night I spoke at Victory Life Christian church… the meeting seemed very unorganised, but that did not stop God! We saw mighty miracles and manifestations of His power! There was a boy — 15 years old — born without an eardrum. He literally felt a new one being created in his ear whilst praying for him! Wow! What a mighty God we serve! He is the God of the “impossible “!

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Next up…

The glory continued the next day – we had an amazing morning meeting!

The evening at “Handelige Kerk” — Acts Church was totally out of this world!
Heaven came! You do not want to miss it! People were coming to the altar with hearing aids in their hands. One lady came from the hospital and sat in the front row to receive healing for a problem with her blood plate count. “How will you know if you are healed?” I asked her after the power of God hit her. “When I go to the Doctor on Tuesday”. Wednesday morning the pastor called me — “Healed!” Hallelujah!
Too many miracles to count, but perhaps you can catch some here on the live feed!

The next morning I spoke at The Power of His Might Ministries. I was so exhausted and my voice almost completely gone. I cried before the meeting. But one thing I have noticed over time with God — He is never too tired and His faithfulness stays the same.

That morning wow! One lady was delivered of a demonic spirit right in front of our eyes. As the evil spirit left, so did her neck pain and the tears of gratefulness rolled down her cheeks. Must watch this one of many testimonies!

So great having some of my best friends being able to join the meeting followed by some fun fellowship over lunch!

The last meeting was that evening. The highlight was that this night was the first time my brother attended one of my meetings. What an honour to have family come support what God is doing through your life and watch how God is drawing them closer and closer to Himself.

I pray that as you have read these testimonies you will be encouraged to believe for God to move in your “here” — the place you call home. And also in the lives of your family and loved ones. He is not just able, but He is willing!

From there I headed back home home — Cape Town.

How grateful we are for the rain! Floodgates of heaven!

Supernatural school
Absolutely love being a part of Journey Of Grace and being a guest speaker at the Cape Town Supernatural School! The Father’s Heart — Evangelism on steroids! You can watch it online.

The next day I was asked to make an altar call at church and wow what an amazing response!
Also amazing miracles followed!

CCFM radio interview
Really exciting, also, are the doors God is opening in this season to take the Gospel further! Here is my interview with CCFM.

You can watch it live in studio (Two Parts ):

That Sunday at church many who had heard me on the radio came for prayer. But this group took the cake!

Honestly this was only half the month of June! Glory to God! He is so great! I have not even shared 10% of what God did during this time! I would need to employ a full-time scribe and videographer! He is just that good!

Then I was off to Europe — but you will have to wait till next month to hear more from me Lindy-Ann on Gateway News Global Awakening!

If you CAN NOT WAIT — Follow us on social media for all the action in real time!

A great harvest awaits! I want to give a special shoutout to anyone reading this who has partnered with Beautiful Witness Ministries! A message for you and those who are interested in becoming a partner.

Please keep me in prayer as I am now in Europe to bring His light and love here.

Go big before we go home! Amen.

Lots of Love and Fire

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  2. Lindy-Ann you are an inspiration. Yes we believe for greater release of Gods power in our home town. May the Lord bless you and keep you strong. May the young people see your example and step out in faith. Bless you.