Miracles, tears, joy at PE school prayer walk

[notice]paulcloughThe schools prayer walk movement that began in Port Elizabeth in June last year continues to grow. JOT teacher and coordinator of the movement PAUL CLOUGH (right) filed this remarkable report on a prayer walk by 310 learners at Rowallan Park Primary School on Friday, May 3. The next scheduled school prayer walk is at Westering Primary School on Friday (May 17) from 13:00 to 14:00. Everybody is invited: more information is available from Clough at 073 478 9281. More than 20 schools are part of this citywide movement which Clough believes will spread to all schools in the city and usher in revival.[/notice]

A mom of twins at the school is healed of a hernia during prayer.
Petro, a mom of twins (Anton and Ricco — on right) at Rowallan Park Primary School is healed of a hernia during prayer.

Friday, May 3, 2013 saw Rowallan Park Primary School in Port Elizabeth having its first Prayer Walk. There was a spirit of expectancy at this event and lives were changed, the sick healed, prayers answered and the manifestation of a loving God experienced by many.

Ever since the date of the Prayer Walk was announced to the learners in early April, there was an excitement amongst them. Learners and teachers alike felt that there was going to be something out of the ordinary taking place in their school- God was going to perform the miraculous for them.

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Their expectations were not unfounded, and our God of the impossible turned things into “possible”.

The Prayer Walk started off with 2 praise and worship songs in the school hall. The 310 participating students truly gave this their all, performing the actions to the songs, lifting their voices unto the Lord, lifting the name of Jesus on high. Visitors and intercessors standing at the back of the hall were visibly moved by what they witnessed, and a tangible presence of Almighty God was felt in that hall. God was true to His Word and inhabited the praises of His people. The atmosphere in the hall was charged, it was like electricity that could be felt: everyone was expectant of God to perform the miraculous.

With a huge shout of “Jesus!” the students filed out of the hall and onto the sports fields. Topics to be prayed for were: Rowallan Park Primary, schools of Port Elizabeth, youth, families, and the Department of Education.

Prayer action on a school field.
Prayer action on a school field.

Testimonies from learners
Within minutes of starting the Prayer Walk, learners began to experience God in different ways. A number of them felt such a burden come on them for their families that they ended up prostrate before the Lord, calling upon Him to intervene; tears were flowing, hugs were given, and compassionate prayers lifted up to a most high God.

Here is what some learners had to say about their prayer walk experience:

  • “When I went to the Prayer Walk on Friday, it was not what I expected. I was scared, but something happened, I had flu, and it was really bad. But after the Prayer Walk, I was myself again, like I was the real me of a few weeks ago.”
  • “At the Prayer Walk I could feel the Holy Spirit come into my body. I prayed that each and every single child living on the streets will get a house to live in. I love God, He is my Saviour, and my whole heart thanks the Lord for everything.”
  • “I felt happy that day. I enjoyed the Prayer Walk a lot because it was fun. I hope we do it again, because I enjoyed it. I saw lots of people cry. I almost cried, but I kept it in. I was shy to cry, but next time I will cry.”
  • “The Prayer Walk changed my life.”
  •  “My mother has a chest and heart problem and at the Prayer Walk I prayed and prayed for her. Now it’s a little bit better. The Prayer Walk really touched me, I am now also starting to read my Bible and pray.”
  • “The Prayer Walk changed my life. I was miserable ever since my Mom died. I felt that there was a big part of my life missing. I prayed that God would help me and He did actually help me. When I was finished praying my body was relieved and it felt like I was with my mother.”
  • “During the Prayer Walk I found an answer to something that has helped me in life. A few months back my best friend passed away, leaving me upset, angry and confused. I was upset with God for taking her because she was so young. During the Prayer Walk two ladies came up to me and told me something that I needed to hear desperately. These ladies counseled me and prayed with me. After that day I was not ever angry at God for that, and her death also brought me closer to God.”

Mother healed
Twin boys in the school asked their mother to attend the Prayer Walk and she did. They were asking God to heal their mother at the Prayer Walk and standing in faith that He would.

Their mother had been struggling with a hernia in her stomach for 9 months. This was causing her tremendous pain and discomfort. She was also restricted in what she could eat because of the heartburn and acid reflux problems caused by certain foods.

After the Prayer Walk around the fields, we gathered in the hall to pray for her. The twins laid their hands on their mother and we began to beseech God for healing. The next moment their mother was jumping up and down with joy, tears streaming down her face. All excess acid had disappeared, for the first time in months there was no discomfort. She says that she “felt butterflies” in her stomach and she knew that God had healed her.

The look on the faces of the twin boys said it all : God had answered their heartfelt prayers and touched their mother. They stood in awe of Him.

On the way home from the Prayer Walk, the mother and the twins stopped at a friend’s house to testify of the healing. This lady had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor a short while ago and was awaiting further instruction from the doctor. The mother testified about her healing and before leaving, they prayed for the lady friend and trusted God to take any form of cancer out of her body. Their prayers were answered:  the following week this friend was at the doctor for tests and no sign of cancer could be found in her body–God had removed it all. What an awesome God we serve!

A week down the line and the twins’ mother reports that she can now eat anything, has absolutely no discomfort and that her life is back to normal. God has healed her body completely. Praise God!!!

Grade 7 Rowallan Park learners (from left) Crystal, Franco and Jadene, at PE FM radio station to share their Prayer Walk testimonies.
Grade 7 Rowallan Park learners (from left) Crystal, Franco and Jadene, at PE FM radio station to share their Prayer Walk testimonies.

Three of the Grade 7 learners that had a personal experience with God during the Prayer Walk felt led to testify about this on PE FM 87.6 radio. Their big day on radio took place on Friday, May 10 and we trust God that their testimonies impacted many lives. These three students have big plans for their school and are claiming it for Jesus!

Rowallan Park Primary School will never be the same again: this school now belongs to  Jesus!  Students you are amazing and you lived your faith: “Faith. Talk it. Walk it. Share it”

May I say a BIG thanks to all of the faithful Prayer Warriors that helped out at this awesome event. You truly are a blessing. You put your faith into action and God honoured it.

Should you want your school involved in this amazing move of God, or if God is calling you to become one of the awesome Prayer Warriors, then fell free to give Paul Clough a call on 073 478 9281 for further information.


  1. wow! I never knew that God could do that and change peoples lives like that!!

  2. There are so much more miracles to come give God the Glory

  3. Awesome! So good to hear! Thank you for listehing, hearing and obeying God.

  4. Thank You Father God, that You are working in the lives of our young people, claiming them for Yourself before the enemy can ruin their lives. We pray Your protection over each and everyone of them. Please keep them in Your loving care and raise up more of our youth. Let Joel 2:28 become a reality in the lives of our youth, to the glory and honor of Your holy Name! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  5. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    Please , I beg all of you to pray for me urgently. I am in very very very bad financial situation now, I need all of you to pray for me for financial miracles. I know and I trust that ONLY GOD can help me.

    Please, please pray for me urgently.

    Thank you and God Bless you all


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    please pray for my family , we are looking for a Christian school for our 10years old son his name is Lanky . we trusting God for provision. stay blessed

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