Miraculously healed after 15 years

Three years ago a medical specialist told a young Port Elizabeth woman she risked collapsing and slipping into a coma if she stopped taking her epilepsy medication. At the same time a gynaecologist told her she would never have children.
Danielle and her family
Danielle Horne (right) with her husband Nick, and sons Christian (2) and Caleb (12 weeks)

Danielle Horne chose to stop her medication. And today she is well and is the mother of two healthy little boys. She gives God the credit for her remarkable healing. This is her story.


“As a young girl of five or six I used to wake up screaming at night and often wet my bed. Doctors could not tell what was wrong with me. In later tests they found a cyst on my brain”

She said she suffered periodic epileptic seizures as a child. The problem intensified as she grew older and faced more pressures in life. It got so bad that she had a blackout while driving in peak traffic and narrowly averted an accident by pulling off the road as she felt the attack coming on. Her doctor said she should surrender her driver’s licence and stop working, as it was too stressful for her.

Surgical removal of the cyst was not an option as it would be too risky. A Port Elizabeth neurologist recommended that she should go to the Constantiaberg Medi Clinic in Cape Town to see a specialist epileptologist. She accepted the doctor’s advice but there was a six months waiting list for admission to the clinic.

Around this time Danielle fell in love with Nick Horne and they were engaged. Although she had been a Christian for years, Danielle had never had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. “Once Nick said to me that he loved Jeus and this was one of the things that attracted me to him. I had been to many Christian camps as a child and people had prayed for me to be healed but nothing had happened. So my faith was low. But Nick said he felt that the Lord would heal me.”

After they prayed I felt fire in my brain and the fire flooded my veins and I fell to the floor.

The couple joined Oxygen Life church in PE. Danielle said she began to experience a personal relationship with Jesus at this time but her health deteriorated. She had constant migraines, and epileptic auras and seizures on a daily basis. Two months after joining the church she had a particularly bad seizure and had not wanted to attend an evening prayer meeting. But Nick persuaded her to attend and after the meeting one of the church leaders said he believed God wanted to do some work with her that night.

“My faith level was low but I agreed to allow a group of leaders to pray with me. When they started to pray I felt fire in my brain and the fire flooded my veins and I fell to the floor. I could just remember one of the elders saying ‘miraculous healing’ before I lost awareness. When I woke up I felt that God was telling me to read Luke Chapter 8, verse 48. I did not know what was in that verse but I called for a Bible so that I could look it up. The verse said: ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you.’

“I knew I was healed. I have also realised that if I had been healed as a child I would never have been able to give the glory to Jesus as I do now,” said Danielle.

She said she told her Port Elizabeth neurologist that she was healed but he did not believe her and said she would be playing with fire if she went off her medication and did not keep her appointment to attend the clinic in Cape Town.

Three months later she went to the clinic. She had suffered no ill health in that period. She was discouraged by initial tests at the clinic which showed that the right side of her brain was under-developed but she realised that this was because it had never developed during her childhood years as a result of her illness.

She told doctors at the clinic that she believed she was healed but they said she should undergo their procedures. She was taken off the heavy medication and subjected to round-the-clock monitoring by video, electroencephalograph (EEG) and various sensors. She had terrible headaches during this time but to the surprise of  her doctor she had no seizures.

The epileptologist told her, however, that by not later than three days of stopping her medication she would experience seizures.

“I said I am not going to have any seizures. And when the third day came and I had not had any seizures I said he should read my EEG chart. He said: ‘Let’s wait until day five’.”

On the evening of the fifth day when the doctor checked her EEG chart he said it was normal and that it was as if her chart and the chart that had been sent to her by her PE neurologist were from two different people. However, he said it would not be advisable for her to stop taking her medication because if she did, she would have a series of seizures culiminating in an epileptic coma.

“I knew I had been healed by God but this was a curved ball as it shook my faith. But then I received an sms from a church friend who said she had heard a message preached about living by faith and not by sight and that she was sure that message was for me. I knew that was the answer to my prayer and I knew what I had to do.”

Danielle said when she told her doctor she would stop taking her medication he wrote a prescription for some pills that he said she should keep close at hand wherever she went for the rest of her life in case she had a seizure and went into a coma. She said she never got the pills and she has not had any seizures or any of the other symptoms that plagued her before she was miraculously healed.

She returned to PE and saw a gynaecologist because she had been diagnosed with stage four endometriosis. She told the doctor she was about to get married and she and her husband hoped to have a “honeymoon baby”. The gynaecologist said she would never have children.

“But we had a honeymoon baby. And we now have two healthy sons.”

Danielle runs a thriving beautician business and Nick runs a business agency. She rejoices in the healing that she has received from God and loves to share her testimony. “One time when I shared my testimony in a church in Oudtshoorn a woman was instantly healed and had no further need for her crutches.”


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  2. Thank you for sharing this testimony. I love hearing about God’s power and healing. It builds my faith and it glorifies the King of Kings! :)

  3. i love you testimony & i believe that GOD has healed me from HIV.