Nancy’s perseverance pays off as community-built church building brings hope to Clarkson

Inside the new multipurpose church building that is bringing hope to the impoverished Clarkson community. More chairs are needed for the church and various items of furniture and clothing are needed for community projects.

It took a year of getting bits and pieces of building material together, but the multipurpose wooden construction for Christ the Solution Ministry in Clarkson is almost completed. Only the floor still needs to be done.

This is significant as “this is a place of hope where there was no hope before” says ministry founder Nancy Chasa, a passionate preacher and women of God who once lived without hope herself before God saved her from a life of prostitution, drug addiction, gangsterism and violence.

In January 2012 Nancy felt a calling to move to Clarkson, between Humansdorp and Kareedouw, to start a ministry among a community bound by poverty, alcohol and drug abuse.

Nearly three years since launching Christ the Solution Ministry she says: “For the past year we fed between 80 to 100 children porridge and soup during school terms from a small room and now we have an undercover space for it. More important, though, we want the children to come and talk, to come and share their hurts and get inner healing. Many of them lack personal attention and get involved in wrong things from a very young age. We want to teach them Bible stories and also bring people in to educate the children on drugs and other social issues. We now have a place where we can do all these things,” she says. 

People from the community helped erect the building. Wooden poles came from nearby forests. The plywood walls and zink roof were added as they got donations. Pieces of linoleum cover the unfinished floor and white sheets are draped to cover the inside walls. There is even a raised platform for the band and speaker.

The blue church building stands out from a distance.

“The only thing we still need is more chairs,” says Nancy. “We bought a few from the supermarket but there are not nearly enough.”

And they are already planning to add a separate room for a charity shop. Any second hand clothing or goods received is sold to help fund the soup kitchen.  

“These last months almost all our funds for the food came from selling second hand clothes,” she says. “There is no clothing shop in Clarkson, so this is a great help for the people. They can even lay-bye here.”

The ministry also helped children with school wear this year and want to do it again next year. “If anybody has old school clothes or shoes [to donate] it will be very helpful,” says Nancy.

Day care centre
A new project for 2015 is to start a much needed day care. Nancy’s daughter, Sharodene, will be in charge. “Sometimes the women get small jobs, but cannot take them as they have no-one to look after their young ones. This will be a safe option for them. Those we have spoken to are very excited about this, as there has not been such a facility before,” she says.

They will use the church building to start off with, but are negotiating about a possible house to use in future. However, there are still many needs.  Old cots or small mattresses, small tables and chairs and toys are just some of the items they are lacking. And Nancy’s looking into training for Sharodene and others who will help her.

Apart from the children, they are also looking into starting a shelter for destitute elderly. A house is already available where they can accommodate three to four people.

“We are just waiting for guidance to get the right people to be in charge and take care of these elderly,” says Nancy.

They already have mattresses but still need beds, blankets and other basic furniture. 

Nancy Chasa (right), her daughter Sharodene (left) and some of the children from the area at the entrance to the new church building.

Nancy herself has endured a tough few months, losing her father and eldest daughter within one month.

“I am starting to get my energy back, but it was and still is hard,” she says. “Yet, God is faithful and has given me the strength to continue.”

For more information, to get involved or contribute, contact Nancy at 083 683 7393 or 084539 6120 or see Christ the Solution’s Facebook page at


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