New E Cape Mighty Men venue taking shape

A cross has been built around the braai firepit at the Mighty Men venue.

With only three weeks to go before the Mighty Men Conference, there is a hive of activity on the farm Mooi Uitsig as teams of volunteers help to prepare the venue which will host an estimated 15 000 people.

Tractors are levelling roads, volunteers are laying water pipes, crews are setting fences in place, and electricians are laying cables to provide lighting as more and more people in the Eastern Cape become interested and willing to help.

Prayer intercessor Rossouw Le Roux explains: “We are preparing the way for the Holy Spirit to come and work wonders in peoples’ lives when we camp out on the farm and seek God’s presence. We believe that only Jesus Christ, the Living God can heal the wounded, bring hope to the hopeless, restore broken relationships and give fresh vision to all people from all nations.”

Eugene Genis, committee member of the Mighty Men Conference explains: “We would like to inform everyone that the event from 8 to 10 March is being held on a different farm to that which we used last year. This year, we have chosen a brand new venue on the farm Mooi Uitsig which is situated on the R102 close to Jeffreys Bay. We are honoured to have Angus Buchan as our chief guest speaker and worship will be conducted by Retief Burger and Joe Niemand.”

The cross lies on the ground while we attach chromodex sheets and solar lighting

The brand new 14m-high Cross of Hope, which overlooks the main auditorium, was taken down last weekend. Robbie Hift explains why: “We want to make the name of the Lord famous throughout the Eastern Cape. We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

“Some very kind sponsors have come forward and they supplied sheets of white Chromodex to cover the steel framework so that the cross will be much more visible during the daytime hours. Secondly, quite a few sponsors, both local and national, have come forward to provide some of the best solar lighting equipment in the world so that we can illuminate the cross very brightly at night.

“So we have temporarily taken the cross down because it is easier to do these improvements while the cross lies horizontally on the ground. When the crane raises the cross again, it’s going to look 10 times better!”

On Friday March 1, the week before the Mighty Men Conference begins, the team is organizing a massive prayer, worship and healing event in the Newton Hall in Jeffreys Bay. This will be held from 6 to 9pm and everyone is invited. This is the perfect place to bring someone you know who is having a tough time and who would benefit from coming into the holy presence of the Lord.


The Christian Surfers Worship Team had a trial run in the hall with the sound engineers this week and the roof shook with the power of the Lord! Mark the date down on your calendar: Friday March 1 from 6pm to 9pm.

Genis explains: “We know that there are many hurting people in our area, who really need to be healed of their diseases, their hurts or their addictions. We want to usher in the presence of the Lord through some powerful prayer, praise and worship. We want to roll out the red carpet and declare: “Come Holy Spirit! Come and have Your way in our peoples’ lives! Everyone is welcome and entrance is free.”

Full details of the Mighty Men Conference are on the website:


  1. Hugo Theunissen

    Praise the Lord Brothers, I will unfortunately not be here as Elaine and I are leaving for Vancouver Island on 6 March until 6 June but we willdefinately will be praying for you folks and advising all our intercessory groups. Blessings Hugo & Elaine Theunissen J/Bay