NMB churches asked to take up special offering for Switched On mission

SWITCHEDONChurches in Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) have been asked to take up a special offering on Sunday, July 26 or Sunday August 2, to raise funds towards the historic Switched On evangelistic mission in the metro in August.

The mission, comprising evangelism training from August 13 to 15 and Gospel outreaches to schools, the university, prisons, government offices, boardrooms, factories and streets from August 16 to 22, is a joint initiative by the wider church in Nelson Mandela Bay and African Enterprise (AE).


“In order to run such a mission successfully, there will be certain financial obligations to fulfil, for example, costs relating to training, venue hire, marketing, transport, equipment and a team of 20 to 30 AE participants to assist local city evangelists,” says Switched On Steering Committee Chairman Rory Spence in a letter to NMB churches.  

Churches are asked to deposit the special offerings in the following bank account: Account Name: African Enterprise; Bank:  FNB; Account Number: 5095 000 5121; Branch Code: 221325. The payment reference must be “Switched On” with the name of the church. Proof of payment should be emailed to info@switchedon.org.za or dnaidoo@ae.org.za or faxed to 033 347 1915.

Any individuals who would like to donate seed funding to Switched On should deposit their contributions in the same account and reference their payment “Switched On” together with their name.


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