OXYGEN LIFE CHURCH: Celebrating 10 years in PE

Bradley and Angie Verryenne...counting their blessings 10 years after establishing Oxygen Life Church in Port Elizabeth.

[notice]Oxygen Life Pastor Bradley Verryne shares about the joy of seeing lives change and the city impacted during the first 10 years of the ministry of the church. This article is the first in our new Church Directory in which we invite local churches throughout South Africa to share something of their journeys with our readers via a short article, contact details and a website link. The directory will be arranged by Province and Town for the convenience of readers interested in finding out more about churches in their areas. Contact Sue Kinnell for more details.[/notice]

Ten years ago, my wife Angela and I were sent out from our church in Lorraine, along with about 14 people, to start what would be called Oxygen Life Church. When I look back, there is no way that I could have imagined the journey we were embarking on. We started our Sunday meetings in a coffee shop in April 2002 and immediately started seeing lives being transformed by the power of God. Today we meet in Victoria Park Grey Primary School hall and have nearly 450 people as part of the church.

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Tel: +27 41 581 8633
Fax: +27 41 581 8882
28 Albert Road
Port Elizabeth
Web: www.oxygenlife.co.za

Our purpose from day one has been to introduce all people to the absolutely mind-blowingly good person of Jesus Christ. We have seen many broken people come into new life after being on the verge of falling apart: Drug addicts, alcoholics, porn lovers, the sexually immoral, those with broken marriages, the selfish and arrogant, the molested, the depressed and the burned out religious people who’d given up on God and His church. For ten years now we’ve been busy with these people and many more. In Christ, the hopeless have found new hope and a real purpose for living, and those who were once liabilities to our society have now got something meaningful and valuable to give back.

We are passionate about continuing to see change for the good in all areas of society. We teach regularly into our responsibilities in the business sector, and believe that God wants to transform this city through people doing business in His way.

Home for abandoned babies
Seven years ago God led us to start a home for abandoned babies, Isithembiso Babies Home, and we have seen well over 50 babies fostered and/or adopted since then. We want to see the social fabric of the city transformed by the love of God, and for organizations such as ours to thrive and prosper as we work together to tackle the problem of unwanted babies which is ravaging our city. We see the lives of many little ones being lost to horrific abortions, with many newborns being left in dustbins, black bags and drains. Help us God! There is much work to be done, and we feel like we have only begun, but count it a privilege to be playing a small part, along with others, to address these massive problems created by so many diverse issues.

We have also had the privilege of seeing the power of God at work in many people’s physical bodies. One young lady was on chronic medication for epilepsy for 17 years, and was experiencing seizures regularly. After being prayed for, she was healed instantly and has been free of all symptoms for 3 years now. This particular healing has been certified by experts at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. We have many stories of people being healed of conditions ranging from asthma to irritable bowel syndrome, as well as a miraculous birth, to name just a few. Jesus Christ is still healing people today so that they will sit up, take notice, reach out and call on Him!

We want to continue to be a blessing in this city. As a church, we regularly pray for other churches in the area to be strengthened in the work to which God has called them. We also pray for our local government authorities in all their decision-making and planning. We pray for business leaders, educational institutions, our police force, for high-profile sportsmen and women, and for the poor, downtrodden and forgotten people from every walk of life. We love this city and its people! As long as we are here, we want to see this city come under the influence of our altogether good and altogether loving Heavenly Father! Here’s to the next 10 years in Port Elizabeth!


  1. Oxygen Life truly is an awesome community of radical Jesus loving people!! Many of my friends form part of this amazing church and I thank Jesus for their 10 year existence :-)

    I love you guys!!

  2. Anthonie Theron

    So proud and grateful to be part of this amazing church. I can never go back to where I was before I met Jesus, and it is encouraging to see so many lives transformed and restored. My life is one of them.

  3. Jason Vollaire

    Being priveledged to be part of this community is a place where my eyes are continually “opened” to the capacity of Oxygen Lifers to love people. “They will know you are my disciples, if you have love one for another”… Couldn’t describe it better myself! Looking forward to the next 10. Thanks Brad & Angela we’re behind you!

  4. Sally-Amne Goodman

    God used Oxygen Life powerfully to change my life!I wil never be the same again!thanks to an amazing community,but most of all a POWERFUL God!